Well we made it to the Nationals in Timaru!  After having a bad start to the weekend, we had a nice time. 

There were 190 Volkswagens there. I was in my element.   I looooooooovvvvvve them.

We had an ordeal to get there though, we just got through on Friday night , just south of Oamaru was a massive flood due to the constant rain! The nearby river burst it’s banks and spilled through a paddock onto the road.  Our car swam thru…just!  
  One of our fellow Club members in a beetle too was flooded right through the car, he had to shovel it out then try to get it started again, with help from the AA.  It was dangerous….. they closed the road not long after that, some of the Dunedin and Invercargill Club Members couldn’t get through and had to turn around and go home again.    :(
It was terrible – windy and wet, we broke down the rest of the way, around 10 times, we got towed by the beetle that was flooded for some of the way, then  we both took turns to push, we stopped and coughed & spluttered the rest of the way to Timaru, it was stressful.  Our motor was partly under water going through, then we had electrical problems.
 We sorted the problem out the next day with help from our car club friends, it needed a new rotor.  We finally made it  for the ‘Show and Shine’ car display, we were 2 hours late to it.. but they let us still go in.  There was 190 Volkswagens there : Kombis, Jettas, Karmann Ghias, Beetles, Variants, Passats, Fast Backs, Square Backs.. all sorts, even a Herbie look alike that opened it’s bonnet and flashed the headlights on the way past :).   There was so much work, effort and love put into these cars.  The standard was awesome, I loved the vehicles with character too.   There was a few sad stories to tell/hear, cars that had to come on the back of a trailer due to motor problems, cars that never got there, even a VW hit by a mud slide.  
We all went on a convoy run out to Pleasant Point on the Sunday at noon, we even took the roof off as  it was  sunny and calm.
Getting ready for our road trip to Pleasant Point, this is our cabin

Getting ready for our road trip to Pleasant Point, this is our cabin

 Pleasant Point is a lovely wee village, they make the famous Denheath Custard Squares there.  We went into their cafe, the others got one each to eat, but there was no Gluten Free ones, drat.   Colin settled for a beer in their garden outside, while I drunk healthy water.  We spotted a family with their British Bulldog puppy in the garden, he was 13 months old and so reminded us of our ‘Rock’.     I asked if I could take a photo of him and give him a pat, they didn’t mind in the least, nor did the pup.  We want another one one day :P It is a shame they are so expensive to buy.


Typical bullie - he wanted the food!

Typical bullie – he wanted the food!

The Denheath Cafe

The Denheath Cafe

The Famous custard squares, yum

The Famous custard squares, yum

To our surprise at Prize Giving /Dinner on Sunday night at the Timaru Lonestar we won 3rd prize in our category .  Colin made me get up to receive our certificate and prize.  I was so happy for him to win 3rd placing.  He wasn’t so well during the weekend, but still enjoyed himself.  It was great to see his car he modified getting lots of looks and comments.    He enjoyed chatting with other like minded and VW fanatics. Most people were very friendly. It will give him more enthusiasm to keep working little bits on our Karmann Ghia he is restoring for me to drive.
 Our Hebmuller roadstar beetle at the show and shine = Hang Loose Our Hebmuller roadstar beetle at the show and shine = Hang Loose
Photos added to show you the scary conditions we drove through. The water was partly over our motor.
Just about to tackle the flooded road, it was closed not long after we got through.

Just about to tackle the flooded road, it was closed not long after we got through.

Me with the camera out the window showing the water near the front guard.  Scary and exciting at the same time.

Me with the camera out the window showing the water near the front guard. Scary and exciting at the same time.

When it rains, it pours!   It pours right through the car.

When it rains, it pours! It pours right through the car.

And us getting towed by the other beetle…that was even scarier with a short tow rope… I am sure I gained a few more grey hairs and Colin’s fell out more.
Funny - our club friend towing our beetle with his after he emptied the water out of his car.  It was flooded.

Funny – our club friend towing our beetle with his after he emptied the water out of his car. It was flooded.

The last photo is on the way home late yesterday afternoon, we stopped in  the Historic part of Oamaru for a look. A printer even chatted about our car, he loved the suicide doors, then invited us in to his workshop for a tour, he was am ‘old school printer’.  Wonderful stuff.  We were chuffed with his talk and showing us his 150 year old printing presses. A nice kiwi guy.
In Oamaru on the way home to Dunedin

In Oamaru on the way home to Dunedin

I might add that the car went well and it was sunny weather all the way home… = no more dramas.   :)
Colin and I had a lovely weekend away with our fellow Vee Dub friends.   :)
I will share some cool photos of the other Volkswagens another day.
I think I have talked to much, so will sign off now.
Ta ta for now
D x



I have just finished packing our gear for our big Easter trip to Timaru for the long weekend.  We are off to the VW Nationals, held in Timaru this year.  Colin is still fine tuning the carburetors on our Beetle as I write this. …eeekkk.   He hasn’t been feeling very good for the last few days, out of breath, fevers, aching body and feeling like being sick. 

The Hematologist saw him yesterday for his usual monthly check up at the Hospital, his blood levels are ok, we are still waiting on the special blood test done about a week and a half ago.  It is to check his blood for any cancer cells, we were hoping for the results to be back yesterday so we can have the news before we go away, but they are not here.  Nevermind, we are sure they will be ok. :)

We have been focusing and looking forward to the VW Nationals for around 6 months now.  Hopefully if Colin is feeling well enough and the car is all up and running we will be away in the morning at 11am driving in convoy with some members of our Dunedin Club.   It will take around 4 hours to get there.   He is feeling and looking a bit better today. :) 

It will be awesome to do things with otherVW Enthusiasts (VW nuts) and go to the events and see the ‘Show and Shine’ on Saturday.  The show is all the other Vee Dubs on display from all over New Zealand.  There will be some neat cars and vans there, we can’t wait.  I have my camera packed.  :)  We hope to see some other Karmann Ghias too to give us some ideas for our one that Colin is restoring for me.   I hope lots of the public will attend too. Some cars will be judged under different sections.   I am so excited.

There is lots of social events to go to over the weekend with everyone too and some meals out and prizegiving on Sunday night. We arrive home on Monday.   I have my knitting ready in my bag, a Frankie Magazine, a cake of chocolate and some clothes.  And my warm PJ’s, the weather is forecast for more rain and cold.   We are all staying at the Timaru Motor camp. There is already a plan of having a bit of a party in one of the motel units with the Dunedin  bunch…. Colin and I have a Deluxe cabin. it will be fine.     I wonder if there will be a heater :P

I hope you all have a nice Easter and if you are lucky enough to go away too, then I wish you safe driving…and enjoy eating chocolate.  I will share some VW pics with you now.  …. and more on our return.  Ta Ta


Karmann Ghia

Karmann Ghia

of dots and things

British Bulldog / Rabbit

British Bulldog / Rabbit





I found this amusing :P

I found this amusing :P



William and Kate spent time  with the kiddies at their fun rugby day at the Dunedin Stadium yesterday.  They are such a natural couple who are very popular with the New Zealand public.   

The Dunedinites were very happy to see them too.  They spent some time at St Paul’s Cathedral in the Octagon, then proceeded to the Stadium.  It was a cold day yesterday, but that didn’t stop the crowds on people in town as well hoping for a glimpse of the couple.   Kate looked beautiful in her casual clothes.

They are so natural with the children :) , happily given them their medals and spending time on the grounds with everyone.  Kate bent down to the children’s level, constantly talking to them.  What a beautiful smile they both have.

I bet the children and parents will remember meeting them forever :)

St Pauls Cathedral in the Octagon , the Dunedin Town Hall is on the right.

St Pauls Cathedral in the Octagon , the Dunedin Town Hall is on the right.




Medal Ceremony

Medal Ceremony


‘That’s my Mum up there in the grandstand’



I did a nice thing early this morning, I made Colin breakfast in bed, just for the hell of it.  His favourite food he likes is Lambs fry and Bacon….eeeww yuck.   I even hate the smell of it cooking!  Therefore he doesn’t have it very often.

Anyway for 3 weeks now, I have been trying to buy him some, trying all the Butchers and Supermarkets in town, they had either  sold out or only have it  for sale on certain days.

Yesterday after  going to the Farmers Market to get my apple supply and tofu for the week  I found some.  :)

I hid it in the beer fridge overnight so he wouldn’t see it, then  I got up extra early and cooked it up for him, with mushrooms, onions and tomatoes.  I had no parsley, so threw some chives on the plate for a bit of colour.

I put it on a wooden tray along with a coffee and his chemo pills on the side… :P  He found that amusing.

He was so surprised and thought it was delicious.    That makes me happy :)

I must admit I didn’t like cutting it up or touching it, didn’t really know how to cook it either.  I tried not to breathe when it was cooking.   I do know it would be full of goodness and iron for him.

Now I have lit an incense to get rid of the smell. :P

A good start to Colin’s day.

The tray is ready :)

The tray is ready :)





Ready to eat! - an acquired taste

Ready to eat! – an acquired taste



I thought it didn’t sound quite right. … it is MONDAY, MONDAY….I got a little muddled.  I had to google it.

The Mamas and the Papas sang this song originally….it was well before my time of listening to music, it was 1966.  I was born in 1967, it is still a good song . :  Have a listen on you tube.

I hope you will have a look.  I love their clothes and the snazzy dancing.




… Isn’t that a song?

I had a good walk with my Harriers Club today, we did it hard plenty of hills. It was cold and windy  today – only 12 degrees…brrrr

When I arrived home late this afternoon I picked some flowers and did wee bouquet or bundles up for the Dinner trays for the Hospice patients tomorrow.  :)

I can’t wait to volunteer again tomorrow, the patients love having some flowers to jazz up their meal trays, my jasmine bush on my trellis is very plentiful this year and one of my most fragrant and favourite flowers.  

I have just finished my mustard coloured cabled knitted beanie, it looks good.  If it is cold tomorrow I may just wear it on the drive to the Hospice. It takes about 20 mins to drive there.

The Royals are in Dunedin tomorrow for the day, I hope it warms up for them.

My Jasmine bush

My Jasmine bush

Little posies for the paitents

Little posies for the paitents



Damn, last night my car broke down!   We need them to get about, but they always cost at some stage in repairs, especially when you own an older BMW like mine. I can’t wait until my VW Karmann Ghia is restored :)

I knew the radiator was getting a little overheated for the last couple of weeks, I have kept the water topped up and hoped the slow leak may correct itself. 

No such luck, it emptied itself on the short trip home last night after my walk with my friends.  It was hissing like two cats fighting….  steam everywhere….buggar.

At the moment we are sharing Colin’s Nissan, I have to take him to work again tomorrow at 645am ! … we heard from the garage today, the radiator is shagged, $500 to buy another… it has to be done.

Colin hasn’t got the time to do the job himself as he is getting the Beetle ready to go away in at Easter and he is tired from busy and long days at work.  Therefore we have no choice,…pay the garage and get it done.   It should be ready in a few days. …. I just heard Colin swear from the garage, maybe he hit his thumb with the hammer :P

Turbo, my nephew’s cat we are baby cat-sitting for, has just jumped on top of my office desk!  He is a cheeky wee buggar. He is a poser for my camera :)

I will share some nice pictures with you I stole off Google, they cheer me up when I see old school items, like the crochet blankets, vintage fabric etc.

I have also added a nice photo of Kate, William and cute George arriving in New Zealand early this week for their Royal Tour.  I am not a huge follower of the Royals, but I do admire them, they have a hard job, it much be hard being constantly on watch from the media and public. This family seem to take it in their stride and look so natural.  Kate looks beautiful in Red, I love the silver fern brooch she is wearing, William is just like his beautiful Mum, and Prince George…. = cute :)

Hi to  my Sis Buggalugs in Brisbane :) Luv you xx

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Turbo, the cheeky brat

Turbo, the cheeky brat


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I love this natural photo, have a look at baby George's face and 'Elvis' lip :)

I love this natural photo, have a look at baby George’s face and ‘Elvis’ lip :)

I like this quote too

I like this quote too


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