I just found a picture of myself on Facebook.  This photo  was taken just after we finished Saturday’s race.  In the middle is our Walking Leader, and another fellow walker too. Our Leader does an awesome job of working out where we are going to walk each Saturday afternoon on our normal club walks.  We see a variety of great sites in Dunedin and walk in many Suburbs and streets I didn’t even know existed. :)  He came in second place behind me, we helped and encouraged each other up one of the hills near the end. 

Most of us walkers all get on so well, it doesn’t matter if you go in the slow walking pack, the fast pack, it doesn’t matter ages, occupations or anything.. It is just a club full of great people.  :)

I didn’t expect to see this photo on Facebook, but I guess when you are into sports or other events then your photo can be put out there for all the world to see. :)  So here it is for you to all see too




I am going to start with the bad.  A friend of mine had a  massive stroke two weeks ago. He didn’t turn up to a meeting , two of our mutual friends went to his flat to find him on the floor where he had been for a couple of days. :(

 I went in to the Hospital on Monday night after a walk through town to visit him.  It was one of the hardest things I have done as he can’t walk or talk, but he knew what was going on.   He squeezed my hand and I just chatted away as normal.  

I have just received some terrible news tonight to say that he has passed away:(   I feel so so sad.  It is such a shock, I haven’t heard yet but  I wonder if he has had another stroke?  I know he would have hated being like this or having to live like this with a perfectly good mind trapped inside and not being able to communicate.  He was too young to go, but we all think it may be a blessing.

I will get the newspaper tomorrow to find out the funeral day, I am still in shock and very sad.  R.I.P    ‘G’

I almost feel guilty to write this, after the above, but I want to tell you I am so surprised with myself.   I will be in the newspaper tomorrow too. I won a walking and running event yesterday.  It was a 10 km walking race, from Brighton to Green Island.   I also had a 11 min handicap, …having to wait and watch the first walkers leave , 11 mins is a long time standing in the cold with  my Harriers Club tee shirt on.  

I gave it my best and finally caught a few other walkers.   Then I past a few.  It ended up being hot and windy.   I felt good so kept going as fast as my legs could carry me.  I was sure someone was going to pass me.   I was told at the 100 metre  mark to the finish line that someone was behind me…I didn’t want to lose it then, as I was so close to be pipped at the post.  I didn’t have much left in me but made it.  I was a few lamp post lengths ahead of my fellow walking friend.  We walked together part of the way..he gave me good encouragement and me the same to him. :) 

I went back to the club with all of the other walkers and runners for the afternoon tea and presentation.  I didn’t do this walk last year as Colin was in hospital having his chemotherapy and I was getting over my last bowel operation.  I not only got the cup, I also won a trophy too for being the first woman across the finish line out of the walkers AND the runners.   This is a newish trophy in recognition of the woman as they never used to be allowed to do this club event in the olden days…it used to be only for the men, for some silly reason. :P

I am still shocked but still grinning like a Cheshire cat.  

Next weekend we are going on a bus trip to Clyde to do another  10km walking race, it will be a big day out. Athletes come from throughout NZ for this one.   It is a running event as well. I better get some rest and early nights this week as it is going to be a busy one.

Colin and I also went to a VW Club event this afternoon.  It was a good afternoon, we ended up at a local pub with the boys having a beer, the girls a wine and me a big coffee.  :)   Nigh Night 

D xox

I know I don't take good photos, but here I am in tired, but surprise mode. :)

I know I don’t take good photos, but here I am in a tired, but surprise mode. :)




Oh, it is snowing again, looks like we may be in for another dump of snow on the hills.

The housework is done, the dog is hiding deep within his kennel, our wood fire is on, I have my PJ’s on even though it is not even 5pm yet :)…all I need is a nice big bowl of Pumpkin Soup, Gluten Free, of course.

These rooms below I like, they would be my idea of ‘serenity’.  I love that word, it was even on our short list of a name for our Daughter when she was born.  







I have to finish with this funny one.  An affordable pool for retirees :)

I have to finish with this funny one. An affordable pool for retirees :)




I did a little more dusting after work today before I went on my Tuesday Group walk.  You can see through our upstairs windows in our house that it was just starting to get dark.  We all rugged up warm and did a good hours walk around the flat in South Dunedin.  We didn’t dear walk too much longer as the snow was already showing us sprinklings in the air.  I hope it doesn’t settle overnight, more snow is forecast.  I NEED to get to work tomorrow, as we are so so busy and also I can’t afford to be without another days pay.

I took a photo of our upstairs entry/ foyer wrought iron light.   It was one of the first things we brought for our house before we even starting getting it built.  It is one of our favourite pieces..  it looks good but is a little hard to reach to dust.  It is hanging on a very strong chain in our double height entrance.  I have to lean over the wrought iron balustrade and spin the light to dust each of the 21 light bulbs. :)   You can probably guess that we don’t clean it that often.   We have long-life light bulbs in it, and it is surprising that we have hardly ever had to replace any blown ones.  

We only did a tiny bit of wallpaper in our house, it is mostly painted in neutral colours, what we did put up is very bold, in chocolate brown with metallic blue flowers.

 My craft area and sewing machine etc is on the other side of this wall on the second storey.  It is great as I have good lighting, a great view, a heater, and a 3 metre long bench.  It was always my dream to one day get my own craft and sewing room or space that is all mine, the best part is the wall to hide my tragic mess and junk away from everyone.  :)


Here’s hoping the snow doesn’t come. 

In memory of the sad news of Robin Williams RIP






Colin and I spend a few hours this morning chopped up some of the big pile of firewood that he chainsawed up yesterday while I was out walking with my Harriers Club.

Lucky for us we own a hydraulic log splitter, it sure helps…although we did have a little trouble with it conking out.   It needed a new spark plug.


On the way to town early yesterday morning. This is on the road just around the corner from our house, where Colin hit the horse standing in the middle of the road. It killed the horse and nearly killed him. I hate driving past here now.


Heading down the hill overlooking the Harbour, it was a beautiful sky. The photo is taken through my car front window.

The day was only around 13 degrees, but it was calm and some parts were sunny too. Much better weather than the snow on Friday.

Deefa, our dog got a bit bored, he made  himself quite comfy lying in the sun in the paddock while we slaved away.  We have never seen him asleep like this before, he didn’t even wake up when I snuck inside to get the camera.  He is so fluffy underneath his tummy, he had wood/saw dust all over him.  He looked so peaceful and cute, it’s a dog’s life alright!




There is not many times that we have actually had proof that he is a boy…ha ha, but I did see the ugly dangly bits when I took the shot.  


What is that? It is ‘fluffy bum’

We still have a bit more chopping to do, hopefully we may finish it next weekend.  Andy our Nephew did offer ages ago to help, but I think Colin likes plodding through the hard yakka and it makes him feel useful…he does look tired now though.  We are both now walking like oldies with sore backs :P  

 We went into town late this afternoon and shouted ourselves a coffee, no cake though, just a drink..

I also had a coffee yesterday morning :) in a very styley cafe along the end of the main street of Dunedin. It is located directly across from Knox Church.  It was nice sitting in a funky building, full of bricks, rimu and character.   The coffee was pretty good too, just not big enough.  I hate those dainty, ponsy cups that you can’t even fit her finger in the hole of the handle.  

Nice venue, good coffee and a fab magazine to read = bliss

Nice venue, good coffee and a fab magazine to read = bliss

Knox Church

Knox Church


We have just had a tasty tea – Colin had steak, I had tuna, with the added addition of baked potatoes that we threw  in our wood fire, yum I love that burnt taste.   Lucky we have plenty of firewood now. The young lass will have her tea when she arrives home from work at 930 pm, she has to do another split shift today. 

Here’s hoping you all have a good week ahead of you.  


Finishing this post with a photo I found amusing.

Finishing this post with a photo I found amusing.






Bloody heck, I can’t get to work, we awoke early this morning to lots and lots of snow.  There is no way we would be able to move any of our cars, so we snuggled back into bed for a bit.  

Colin has waited until almost lunch time, he will now slowly try to make it down the hill to his work, apparently it is semi-ok on the flat.  His work is extremely busy too, they need him there.

There is no way I am even going to try to walk in my gumboots this time, it is too deep. Trouble is we won’t get paid, buggar.

I wanted to go to my Art Class after work today too, drat.  I may have to make a snowman instead. :)






Colina, hiding and keeping warm in the Kombi

Colina, hiding and keeping warm in the Kombi



Another busy day at work today, I was very pleased to get home.  Snow is predicted for tonight, although it is pretty, I hope they are wrong, as it is such a hassle to get to work. 

It has been a super lonnnnnnnnnnnng day and it is not even 5pm yet.  I got up half an hour earlier this morning, I normally get up at 545am for work.  I did a special surprise for my work colleagues this morning.

I made them some Chocolate and Banana Muffins, 24 of them!.    Oh they smelt so nice, I couldn’t even try one as they were normal ones, not Gluten Free.

Although I work in the office, I gave them to the workers out in the Factory.  They work  in the cold with beanies on their wee noggins.  In my job I often have to go into the factory, the staff out there are hard workers and are always helpful to me if I need to ask a question.  

It made my day seeing their wee faces light up when I gave them the basket full, they were very surprised, but happy…and they tell me they tasted nice.   Poor Colin, he didn’t even get one of them for his morning tea.  

Sharing with you a song I particularly like, sung by our very own :

ANIKA MOA – Dreams in my Head

Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwn, I’m tired.

Morning Tea for the guys at work

Morning Tea for the guys at work






I love this art on the wall.



I wish I was a kid again so I could have a teepee, we had to make do with sheets and blankets pegged to some chairs. My Sister and I had such fun playing in those huts. And our Daughter did the same when she was a young lass.

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