I have to tell you all. I completed the Cadbury Half Marathon yesterday, 21.2 kms :) I put my ‘head down and arse up’ so to speak :) and did my best for me.   

I don’t really care about the time too much but I looked back and was pleasantly pleased…I did my personal best …to my surprise .

I haven’t walked this distance in four years. I did it in 2 hrs, 32 mins and was the 3rd girl over the line. The 1st and 2nd females were 2 hrs, 31 mins, I couldn’t quite catch them. My main goal is always to cross the finish line upright, enjoy the race and do MY best.. I did. :)

I was the 8th walker finished out of 500.  Some others in my Harriers Club did their first ever half marathon and did well too, they were chuffed.  My friend, Tom walked the Full Marathon, amazing and another friend won a $400 spot prize at the Prizegiving in the late afternoon.  My club’s runners did very well too. 

We started off in the cold with heavy drizzle, it did clear up later on.  It was hard, but I really enjoyed it and didn’t get shin splints this time , yay.  I often wear gloves , I look silly but I have bad circulation and get cold paws.  

It is such a beautiful walk with great scenery through the Botanical Gardens, the University of Otago and then down the road towards Port Chalmers beside the harbour.

It’s a bloody long way and I’m knackered now, but still smiling like a Cheshire cat.

Colin was at the finish line…there with a smile and a big drink of water..and the camera.   

I am not sore, which is a shock, just a bit stiff arsed, I may be worse tomorrow. 

Posing for Colin as he drove past, it looks like I was dawdling.

Posing for Colin as he drove past, it looks like I was dawdling.

Take 5 mins off the clock as we left at 935am, 5 mins after the runners left the start line.

Take 5 mins off the clock as we left at 935am, 5 mins after the runners left the start line.




Our Daughter has just got home, she let the cats inside as it is drizzly today, she loves them. S he has been patting and pampering Sasha, our old boy cat , then decided to take some photos of him hogging my favourite vintage chair.

He may be old, but he knows what chair is the most comfortable. :) Sasha used to belong to my Sister Brenda, she got a new cat some time ago when she lived in NZ.  The two cats  fought, so  Brenda gave him to us, we adopted him, to her Daughter’s horror. ;)   I have just inquired with Brenvia email to Australia to see if she knows how old he is.   He is a plain Jane, but a nice natured cat.

So we sort of have two adopted cats in our household now :P, Sasha and Turbo (our Nephew’s puss)… and we have one of our own…that has to be the pretty but evil Colina. 

Animals make you smile, they don’t ask for much, companionship, food, attention and somewhere to sleep. We had another lamb born this morning – a single plain white one :)

I didn’t go to my Harriers Club this afternoon as I did an hours walk by myself early this morning when I couldn’t sleep.   I am feeling a little nervous, as tomorrow I have entered the Cadbury Half Marathon..eeek, what have I done, I haven’t done it for four years.   Ahhh heck, she’ll be right I’ve done it before….it is only 21.2 kms   Think I am just a bit worried walking for that long with Bowel Probs.  I will do my usual = the best effort I can for me on the day:P  Shhhhhhhhhhhitt!

Here is a photo of Sasha and one of my chandelier in my sunny spare room that I took on Thursday.  It threw a great shadow on the wall. :) Wish me luck, I will need it. 

Sending a big hi to Gina and Johnny in New Plymouth XoxoX








I went into town today after work to my Art Class, I did some Pewter Casting and made a necklace :)

On the way in there I viewed the result of a serious accident and can’t stop thinking about it.  I am sure it will be in tomorrows newspaper.   :( 

We had a look at the local news on Google, a driver in a car had a stroke and crossed the medium strip on the motorway and hit a commercial shuttle van carrying passengers.  There are 7 injured, one is serious.  The van was on it’s side and the car was a total mess.

It made me think of when I had to go around the corner from home when Colin had the accident on the way to work.  I still don’t know how he survived hitting that horse out on the road, especially after seeing our Nissan with  the roof peeled back from the impact.  He still has neck issues from the accident but was ok.  The horse and our car were dead.  Colin got out alive :)

Then he got cancer out of the blue not long after this, spending 5 and a half months in isolation on the Oncology Ward receiving chemotherapy.   I don’t know how we got through that, I guess we are stronger than we thought…one foot in front of the other is one of my favourite quotes/sayings.

It has made we think how lucky we are (unlucky for shit happening too) ,  but….we have survived, so so greatful…we are still going through the chemo treatment for another year and a half, but we ARE and will be survivors.:)

I keep having flash backs to what I saw this afternoon and what I saw with Colin’s accident too…I so hope everyone will be ok.   I’m not a drama queen and don’t say too much or try to dwell   on things,  I admit that some days IT IS hard.

We have to be thankful and appreciate having a good day and nice things happening, no matter how small.  There is always someone worse off.  3c43cee87574ec59f36e925986235a20








Well the day is almost done…the sun is going down.  

We finished all of the wood chopping, yay :), it took us two hours to complete.

The young lass gave her Dad some nice goodies for Father’s Day and a lovely card with a Kombi on the front of it.


I thought I was a clever buggar, giving him a vintage matchbox car.  It is of a VW 'thing'...that is what they are called.  He likes it alot, a shame it didn't fit inside the matchbox though :P

I thought I was a clever buggar, giving him a vintage matchbox car. It is of a VW ‘thing’…that is what they are called. He likes it alot, a shame it didn’t fit inside the matchbox though :P

Colin and I went and took both :)of my Fathers some flowers, I only had daisies in the garden at this time of the year.  I cleaned the bird poo off the wee plagues, Mum will be happy about that as she always gave us instructions to give them a split and polish.  

Teddy Boy's plague, along with Mum

Teddy Boy’s plague, along with Mum

Jimmy Daddy's daises

Jimmy Daddy’s daises

Then we went for a small drive, down the bay, the harbour was so calm.  We were  in our Holden Station Wagon I might add, we haven’t taken it out for ages, it is a mean machine, I love it.  Needs a decent paint job and a bit of work, but it is not dead yet!  :)   We weren’t leaving it at the cemetery yet, the old girl still has plenty of life left in her yet.  She had one owner before us, a farm lady.  :)


We  then went to the Broad Bay China shop for a look, I brought a piece of blue depression glass to add to my collection and also a blue  flowery vintage hat.

I then shouted Colin a coffee at The Salt Restaurant.  Ha ha, no he/we paid.

The young biddie is back off to work again, poor thing, split shifts are the pits.

Time to sit down now.  :)





The title of this post above is in green, my favourite colour.

Wishing all those Dad’s out there a nice Father’s Day.  Colin is outside splitting firewood already, even on Father’s Day….no rest for the wicked eh. I will be out there to help him soon, while the sun is shining.

The Daughter is on another split shift today, therefore I made Colin breakfast in bed earlier.  She has to work tonight too, so can’t take her Dad out for lunch or tea…drat.   I guess she will give him a pressie in between today, and maybe a homemade card, they are the best cards.

A simple post today is in order today…In loving memory of Ted, our Father we grew up with and also our real birth Father, Jim (my Brother and I called him Jimmy Daddy).  He was taken too young.  

So my heart goes out to all of you that either can’t see there Dads today or if they are not with us anymore.   Let’s think of all the happy memories.  

I will be off to the cemetery this afternoon , with maybe a coffee stop with Colligwog somewhere too :)   Have  a nice day.

Here is a couple of photos taken of me and my favourite (and only) Sister, Buggalugs Brenda taken a couple of years ago.  :)






I am so so lucky.  After doing  my few jobs in town this morning and then getting ready to go and do a big two hour walk with my Harriers Group about an hour later, I checked the letterbox for mail.

My Polish friend, Beata who lives and studies in Denmark sent me a lovely surprise.  I knew a letter, a real one was coming, I never knew about the pressie coming along with it. :)

I was so chuffed, she has lovely handwriting and her English skills are coming along beautifully.  

I enjoyed reading about her and her partner, what they have been up to and what they are going to be doing next at the Denmark University.  They will be studying for their Masters. :)  We write to each other every couple of months.

Have a look at the photo I have just taken to show you my gift.   A Danish red letterbox, with two keys and a lucky Polish coin inside.  I will have to google the writing on it or take it in to the Danish Intern Students we have at my work at the moment.  They will translate it for me.  I also got a neat fridge magnet of some pretty houses and best of all…a handmade pottery tag and flower fridge magnet that Beata made.  I love the flower, she has started pottery lessons and obviously has a knack for it.  I have the colour and the glaze.

What a delight to be surprised like this, and it isn’t even my birthday :)  

Thanks sooooooooooooo much Beata if you are reading this, and a big congratulations on becoming an Aunty   :)

Love to you both.  My turn to write next :)   xxx Donna


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