I’m on a roll, it may not be wardrobe cleaning up time just yet, but I have made a start on tidying and dusting the house.   I have moved some of my Art Glass and Crown Lynn China and actually got rid of the dust and spiders webs on it. 

I will keep going on the whole house, it may take a few weeks to get it tidier and not so dusty. I have one more hour left to make a bit of an impact before I meet my Tuesday night walking buddies, I just had to check the emails for a bit and have a little break from the boredom.  I hate dusting.

Wouldn’t you love a whole room dedicated to your clothes and shoes, I would. 

3a8e3a2abec112f2c8127d98e74774a0 And all your clothes or pretty dresses coloured coded like this.  :)



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I love this Jewelry holder too- made out of an old ink tray, which I actually own…there’s an idea.



Here is a couple of quotes and sayings I like:







Today was a mixture of good and bad and pretty 

The Good:

Today at work Bob, my work colleague and I were surprised by a parcel that arrived at work with our name on it.   From one of the people we deal with in our job.   He got a bit shitty with me on the phone on Thursday.

He must have felt guilty as today a box of fudge and chocolates arrived with a note on it.  It was such a surprise to receive this.  It is the first time in six years that we have ever been praised and thanked for a good job we do.  And we do a very busy, hard job in the winter time and take lots of grief off Customers.  

Bob said I can keep it all, as he wouldn’t eat it..I will give the chocolates to the family & the fudge can be all mine..it is Gluten Free :)  We will save it for next weekend.  :) Yum


I walked to work again today as my car was getting the work done on it at the garage to ensure it passes a warrant. 

As soon as I made it home, I grabbed Deefa, our Border Collie and took him about 6 kms down to collect the car.  He actually took me for a walk, pulling all the way. He loved it. Then I put him in the boot and we made our way home.  I think I have done a little too much walking for one day, I feel slightly weary.

The Bad:

My Harriers Club Rooms are just around the corner from home, I had to report to our President yesterday that Colin and I noticed it was tagged with yellow paint as we were driving into town.  This is not the first time.  What a bloody mess, all over the windows.   We are wanting to upgrade our clubrooms and do some building additions, but as the President said to me, it makes you wonder if it is worth spending money on an upgrade if the locals in the suburb treat it like this…and he has a point..  such a shame…I suppose tagging goes on everywhere around the world.  


I stopped for a photo shoot of Deefa outside the Club, you can see it in the background mostly cleaned off.  They made a good job to get rid of the paint over the windows.   We had to put bars on the windows last year as it kept getting broken in to and stuff stolen.  Such a shame as it is quite a plain building too, it looks worse with the bars on it. 

The Ugly Pretty:

Well the pretty has to be Deefa.  He is looking at his tongue, thinking to himself  ‘I wonder how long it is’…..now you wonder why Dog’s lick their bums….cos they can.  *giggle*   :)

"I bet you can't beat this lonnnnnnng tongue!"

“I bet you can’t beat this lonnnnnnng tongue!”



I don’t watch a lot of TV but I have been listening via the radio that we (us Kiwis) are doing really well at the Commonwealth Games.

We have a good medal tally already and have done so well in the Judo, Cycling and Rugby.  

You have to admire all the talented athletics from around the world.  The dedication and training and costs are huge.

 Wouldn’t it be great to be over in Glasgow supporting your country.  

Well done to all competitors, especially the New Zealanders, we are proud of every one of you, with or without a medal.





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Seven supporters

Seven supporters



It is my Mum, Jean’s Birthday today, 26th of July… I have received a few lovely messages from friends, my Sister and Niece.

Mum would have been 70 years old today if she was still alive, it is hard to believe that she died 10 years ago.  

I did my walking race this afternoon – The Otago Athletics Cross Country event at the Waikouaiti Raceway.  I gave it my best shot and put in a special hard effort in memory of my Mum.   I got a certificate for Second Place – but that is another story to share with you another day.

I was happy with the walk, it was hard, but fun too. The track was soggy and it had plenty of hoof marks and horse poo everywhere.  ;)  My Harriers Athletics Club did really well in all of the events, right from the young children, open events, Masters and Veterans.  :) There was runners that even came up from Invercargill to compete.  I guess there will be a mention and the placings in Monday mornings newspaper. I may be famous ha ha.

So anyway, you were watching over me Mum, you helped me to finish it. I have done the title of this post in one of her favourite colours – lavender.

Miss you heaps xox 

Another photo of the clouds and sky near my house.  I was almost home after the race and took this photo out of my car window with the power lines across the lens.  Mum is up there in the clouds enjoying a beer.

Another photo of the clouds and sky near my house. I was almost home after the race and took this photo out of my car window with the power lines across the lens. Mum is up there in the clouds enjoying a beer.




I went to my Art Class after work today, I had to make a detour on the way home.  I had the camera with me, so  I had a drive around the Esplanade at St Clair Beach, just for a look.  It is not far from where I live.

As I got out of the car to take photos of the rough waves crashing on the beach I felt the coldness in the air.  I guess it is winter after all and it was almost 5pm.  

The clouds were moving fast, with lots of greys and colours lurking about.  It started raining as I went up the steep hill to home.   I then spotted a rainbow, so drove down an adjacent  street at the top of the hill near where I live, it is not far from Tunnel Beach.

I tried to find the pot of gold at the end of it… no such luck, but I did find some brilliant cabbage trees near the lookout overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  To the right is Tunnel Beach in the distance.

I spotted the rainbow again through the cabbage tree and street lamp.  I also took a photo of a neighbouring gate, made of iron/metal.  It is a great job done by this artist, it looked exactly like  the flax leaves in the garden nearby.  

I then made my way home, taking a picture of Cargill’s Castle for you, or should I say the ruins of it, then a shot overlooking St Clair beach below.  

The rain came  again as I stopped near my house to take more photos of the sky with the large pine trees peeping up into it.

I hope it is not windy tomorrow as I am competing in another cross country walking race out of town.  This one is held by Athletics Otago.  My friend Tom is also competing, we are going up together in his car.  Should be a busy but good day :)
















I think this is a good quote.  

Another cold night is here with us in Dunedin, we have the warm, cosy wood fire roaring in the lounge.  It is chilly on my paws in our office though.

One of our cats, Colina likes sitting on my knee when I have a few moments at the computer.  I never complain as she keeps my legs warm.  

My car failed a warrant of fitness today, I picked it up after work, drat, they have to order the parts from out of town, another $320, it is hard to get back on your feet financially when you are lumbered with bills.  

Speaking of big bills, after paying the Dentist, my teeth and gums are improving/healing.  :)  I can’t wait to get them relined in 3 months time though, as they are already moving about and falling down.—-not a pretty look.  If I sneeze I will make sure I have my mouth closed..just incase they coming flying out of my gob.   :P

One more day of busy work tomorrow, it is Friday, (Paraire – in the Maori Language)

Everyone loves Fridays  

A special hello to Gina, Brenda, Beata and Jen   xxx





Morena  (this means – good morning) to you all.

Every year since 1975 New Zealand has marked Māori Language Week.   This is a time for all New Zealanders to celebrate te reo Māori (the Māori language) and to use more Māori phrases in everyday life.  

This year Māori Language Week is from 21-27 July, the theme is ‘Te Kupu o te Wiki’, ‘The Word of the Week’.

 This is part of the  theme of Māori Language Week,  ‘Arohatia te Reo – cherish the language’. 

I just love our Maori Heritage and speaking the language or learning to speak = it has to be a wonderful thing to do.  :)

Noho ora mai ra, na (this means – Look after yourself from)


I love the Maori Tiki

I love the Maori Tiki

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