Oh dear, I miss Deefa our Border Collie, I am still looking out for him at the gate when I arrive hope at the end of the day at work, forgetting that he is no longer with us.

We miss Rock too, and would love one day to get another British Bulldog.  If only we had heaps of money. :)

Colin and I attended our friend’s funeral service yesterday. It was a lovely send off with his five brothers all speaking about him and his 20 year old son playing the electric guitar to his Dad.  It was so emotional to listen to and watch.

  ‘GR’ was my Boss from an earlier office job, probably the best Boss I have had.  He was in hospital in the Oncology ward when Colin was in, we have stayed in contact since.  We visited ‘GR’ 3 weeks ago at his home, he was doing pretty well and due to have a stem cell transplant soon.  To our shock, he died last Wednesday, only 56. :(

At least he is not suffering anymore.  Colin liked him a lot too and was clearly upset yesterday, probably brought back memories of treatment and hospital etc for him too.  

Clearly one of the ‘good fellas’ taken too soon.   RIP  ‘GR’

He loved doggies, so I will add some cute pictures.







I have had a good weekend, busy busy.  ;)

My goal was to plant my seed potatoes – variety is Rua, all done & dusted.

My old walking shoes are washed after yesterdays 2  and a 1/4 hour bush walk in Sawyers Bay with friends, man it was hard, but an excellent walk with wonderful views at the top.  It is called Graham’s Bush walk.

I have our doggie (Deefa’s old one) blanket washed and drying on the clothes line too, as this week we are baby sitting for our friends.  Their two dogs are coming to stay with us for 5 days, while they have a well deserved trip/holiday to Australia.   Only one problem, I don’t think they like cats,  and we have 3 of them :(

Can’t wait to take Cass and Zak for some walks :)

The last photo is a funny one, Colin and I took it while we were in Cromwell at Labour Weekend.  We will driving up to one of the Vineyards.    These Bulls were beasts, massive.   I got a good shot of the other one poking its big noggin around the corner of the tree.  
Colin took off in the car, pretending to leave me standing there with my camera in hand.  I was scared … for a brief minute. :)

Potato planting

Potato planting

Chive flowers up close

Chive flowers up close


Big fellas :)

Big fellas :)



Having a rough day?

Place your hand over your heart.

Feel that?  

That’s called PURPOSE.

Your alive for a reason.  

Don’t give up.


Worrying  won’t stop the bad stuff from happening,

it just stops you from enjoying the good.






Yeah right, I walked to work today for the first time in ages.  It took 40 mins on the way up the steep hill to home, I was sweating like a wee piggie.  I feel good for doing it though, the fresh air at 7am in the morning is super.

I arrived home to find Turbo, our Nephew’s cat parked up in one of my favourite vintage chairs.   I laughed when realizing we both didn’t have much energy left.  He is looking like he is parked up quite happily for a few hours.

Then I fed Teddy, our Kune Kune pig, he has more energy than both of us put together.  Mind due, I think the food makes him move fast :)

I am still feeling a little seedy today but much better and managed the walking fete to work.  I kindly offered my car to our Daughter, as hers has a flat tyre and also the spare tyre is also flat. She needs a car for her job today. What Mother’s do for their kids eh, no matter what age. …. And I wouldn’t have it any other way :)

What's for afternoon tea?

What’s for afternoon tea?



Ugly but also cute

Ugly but also cute



I can’t really paint, but have just managed to paint a Pop Art water colour picture.  Pop Art is manageable for people rather than doing landscapes.  

I even learnt how to frame it myself at my Art Group.  Now it is hanging on my hallway wall.   I am happy with it and  it brightens the space up,  with the humour and colours.

I can’t do too much today, I have been sick for two days now, throwing up in town yesterday…and that was embarrassing having to find an alley way off the main street of Dunedin to be sick.  I was having a nice coffee at a funky cafe, when suddenly I felt ill, leaving promptly.  I thought I was having a turn ?, as I couldn’t see properly and my ears were playing up. 

I having thrown up for years…at least I am a little bit better and mid day today. :)

My new art

My new art



Last night I went to bed late, trying to full asleep with the sounds of fireworks going off in the distance.

I didn’t get too many zzzzzzz’s but I have never been a good sleeper anyway.

I am happy though, I was awoken by the alarm clock this morning part the way through a dream.  The best part was that my dream had my Mum in it :) and that I remember it clearly :)

Sort of funny, a whole group of us were at some sort of event or party drinking and having a laugh….btw I don’t really ever drink these days, maybe a vodka  on a special occasion or a Gluten Free beer. 

My Sister Brenda was in the dream and my childhood friend and Matron of Honor at our wedding was there also, drunk.  We were all giggling trying to put a toe ring on Mum = funny, but weird :)

Mum  (Jean) was a young 60, and quite trendy but I am not so sure if she would have worn a toe ring :P  I haven’t had a dream about her for a few years now, so have woken up smiling.  




I left home this morning at 715am to start work half an hour early, so I could leave early to attend an Afternoon Tea after work , then I was off for a walk with three others.  I got home at 7 pm, yaaaaaaawwwwn = a long day.

I am a member of  ‘The Friends of the Medical Students’ here in Dunedin. Basically members of the public who have medical problems  volunteer their time to attend examinations and /or get interviewed by trainee Doctors in their 3rd or 4th year of studying.  

Our afternoon tea with Guest Speakers was held at the University near the Hospital today to thank us all for giving up our time and providing valuable feedback and learning to the Medical Students.  There were around 150 people who attended.  I was the youngest by a long shot, lol.  That was nice for a change. 

I met my friend from the Coeliac Society there, she saved me a seat.  She is a young 80 years old and volunteers her time too , and has done this for a number of years. She  suggested with my medical history and bowel operations that I should do it too.   A good suggestion, I enjoyed this year talking to the two students that were allocated to me.  


I took this photo of the tree recently , we laughed when we saw the wee boys bum crack, so cute.

If it all helps our young folk in their studies and careers, then it has to be a good thing.

Here are some funny and cute pictures, I hope you like them. :)



This one looks like 'Turbo' our Nephew's cat that we are were cat sitting for him...Turbo is ours now :P

This one looks like ‘Turbo’ our Nephew’s cat that we are were cat sitting for him…Turbo is ours now :P



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