colourful poppies

colourful poppies


Tree hugging this fab tree with low hung branches. The hood was up as it was getting cold. Looking a little tired = no smiles !

Me trying to climb another almighty beast

Me trying to climb the almighty beast

It is a great specimen of an Oregon Cedar - huge

It is a great specimen of an Oregon Cedar – huge



Looking through the low hung branches, Colin took these pics :)

Looking through the low hung branches, Colin took these pics :)


Colin took this cool image of the same tree looking into the sun

I like this

I like this

See you, I’m off for another walk. :) D



I am just about to put the dog in the boot of the car and take him on a trip, then for a nice bush walk while the sun is still here.  Beaut day.

It is the 1st of September, officially spring is here.  I can smell it in the air.

Hey that rhymes :)






I had a full on weekend again!.  Yesterday was a great walk with Harriers, we were guests of another Dunedin Harriers Club.We had a good steady pace and attacked a lot of the Dunedin hills, it got our heart rates going and some people groaning and moaning :)

This morning I was up out of bed early again as I volunteered at the Otago Hospice again. Today I was on cleaning duties, from 9 till 1130am rather than the full day when on kitchen duties.  

I decided last night that I would take my walking gear and walk home afterwards from The Hospice if the weather was nice…and it was …a beautiful sunny day.  :)

After I helped out at The Hospice I started on my way trying to walk as fast as possible, through town, then South Dunedin then up the huge, steep hill to home.  It took me an hour and a half.  I have to try  to do some extra walks and put some more kms in as I have entered the Cadbury Half Marathon in two weeks time, I entered at the last minute not knowing if I would do it or not…therefore I have had stuff all training and preparation for it. What have I done!!

I arrived home to a second set of twin lambs born, Colin said this morning.  Another set of one white and one blackie.  It won’t be long before they are playing and jumping about with the week-old twins.

I had a quick drink of water as I forgot to take one, not good in the heat of the day…then Colin and I started chopping up some more of our firewood this afternoon, we are slowly getting to the end of the big pile.  Colin spent the morning chainsawing the logs into rounds.  They are really heavy to lift as they are sodden with rain water.  

We spent 2 1/2 hours using our log splitter, a good job done.  We then had to pick up my car from The Hospice, it is near the Gardens , so Colin and I had a walk around there before getting it.  It was getting cold and the sun was only just there.  We were treated to the ducks, a wood pigeon in the Kowhai tree and some performing artists doing their tightrope practicing at the top of the gardens.  

Then home to make a smoked chicken salad for tea…actually Colin did, it was yummy.  The young lass has had to go back to work on another split shift, she will get home around 9 pm to enjoy hers.

Colin and I both feel tired now, I hope he hasn’t overdone things.  He has been knackered lately …falling asleep early in the evening on the couch etc.  It is mostly from the chemo drugs he has to take and his work hours are long.

 We got a good photo of him last night, after tea at 7 30pm …dead to the world for a good hour , snoring and sleep talking to the cat – ‘Colina’ snoozing on top of him.  We did find it amusing.  

Here are some of my photos.    I will show the others with you another day this week.

Have a good week. Donna











I took myself off to the movies this afternoon. Armed with a large coffee and a Danish Marizpan & Almond Crescent in an old fashioned brown paper bag.


I stopped at a local bakery a couple of kms from where I live, it is called the Danish Delights Bakery.   They have two items in the whole shop that are fit for us Coeliacs to eat, either a coconut drop or the crescent, it was very tasty.  I could have had a second one….and may just buy one on Saturday morning on the way into the Farmers Market. :)  I am such a guts.

The movie theatre use to be Hoyts in the Octagon, it closed down well over a year ago.  The renovations have been in process for that long turning it into a Readings Theatre.  I was in a hurry to get into the movie, so didn’t get a good look in the main foyer and entrance way of the Cinema.  It appeared Warehouse-like with high ceilings, lots of raw concrete and exposed steel beams.  It is good that Rialto has some competition now, their prices may come down, with any luck.

The new cinema is near the 1st Church, the Town Hall and the Robbie Burns Statue in the Octagon.

The new cinema is near the 1st Church, the Town Hall and the Robbie Burns Statue in the Octagon.

The movie went for over two hours, I am ‘happy as Larry’ sitting there by myself, there were only 4 other people in there with me.  

The NZ cast : Cliff Curtis  from the Movies ‘Whale Rider’ and ‘Boy’ was a great actor, also, James Rolleston also from ‘Boy’ and Kirk Torrance  from ‘Outrageous Fortune’ were superb too.  

The Dark Horse is based on a true story on the life of a charismatic, brilliant but little-known New Zealand Hero and chess champion. His name was Genesis Potini, aka Gen. He died in real life last year.  

This is the real Genesis

This is the real Genesis

The Dark Horse is an emotional movie, I had tears a couple of times. It is a drama about a man who searches for the courage to lead, despite his own adversities – finding purpose and hope in passing on his gift to the children in his community.  Parts of it were quite sad how the Maori families and children having to live in their community within gang life, sometimes with no parents or feeling unloved, also with so much violence,drinking and drugs.  

I won’t say too much more incase you go and see it.  A great New Zealand Movie.

Photo from the movie

Photo from the movie

It is Friday tomorrow, I have been looking out all week for some more lambs, none as yet, maybe there will be in the weekend.  :)

I better go and put the rubbish bins out for collection in the morning. 

This is me last Saturday on the Clyde Dam bridge at the start of the 10km walking race.

This is me last Saturday on the Clyde Dam bridge at the start of the 10km walking race.



Our first lambs were born yesterday, I was going out in the car for my walk and then my meeting, when I spotted one of our Mummy Ewes having a white baby lamb.  I watched from the driveway from a distance.

Then I spotted another one, it was already born, a black one.  It was fascinating watching the Mum cleaning them up and being very protective.  I didn’t go too near and it was getting dark.  Just as well it wasn’t too cold a night.

I have just not long got home from work, so wandered over to the paddock to have a look.  They are sssssssssssssssoooooooooooo cute and adorable, and so healthy looking.  Once again, a ‘Maori’ one and a ‘Paheka’ baby. hee hee   Can’t wait to have some more.  I hope you like the photos I just took.

I had such a bad day at work, I was so pleased to get home, after seeing the lambs just now, it has puts things in perspective, I am smiling again :)

A guy I work with is so lazy and moody, he didn’t like something I said this morning to him, it was the truth, it hurts him, so much in fact that he packs a moody with me and doesn’t speak for days.  So childish, he is 62 years old…and really needs to retire. He moans all the time how he hates work and is negative. :(   I do like him a lot but get sick of the whinging, it’s draining.  I will take another look at the photos again and smile.  :)  Going for another walk soon, yay.


Pakeha baby

Pakeha baby

Maori baby

Maori baby

And this is the 'pink poof' = the Dad, I hate him, he is evil.

And this is the ‘pink poof’ = the Dad, I hate him, he is evil.



I had a good day away with my club on Saturday to compete in the race from Clyde.  I think I was 11th equal out of around 100 walks.  I had shin splints for about 3 kms, so it was a little painful and I was slow taking off.  Still managed to go across that finish line in superb sunny weather with linked arms with a fellow club member in 1 hr 12 mins… we were happy with that on the day  :)

Geez some Mondays are so hard to go to work.  I have an organized walk after work then a Coeliac Meeting tonight, therefore it will be another late night.

I think I need another coffee.

Sharing a couple of pictures with you.





I am so so pleased with myself, I nearly chickened out, but I did it.

I read my poem out at the Funeral service this afternoon of a dear friend :)

I was shaking like a leaf when I finished, but I think I spoke strongly and clearly…and I didn’t muck any words up.

I spoke a few personal words about my friend, then read the poem and quote.  

He was just to my right in an open casket with his childhood teddy bear beside him. I was pleased to see he was wearing the black ribbed beanie I made him . It was covered in nobbles due to the wear, but it doesn’t matter as that was him. :)

There was only 13 people in the whole Funeral place, no family but  the people that were there is all he would care about.  R.I.P  ‘G’

Tomorrow will be a BIG day, I am off early in the morning with my Harrier Club Members to Clyde to compete in the Clyde to Alexandra Race.  I may be asleep on the bus on the way home, we will get back about 930 pm.  It will be a fun day out of town.

I better hop in bed earlier tonight. 

Here is the poem I read:


I died but did not leave you,

I am here, and have not gone.

Though my spirit left my body

don’t be sad, for I live on.


My love is all around you.

Can you feel it?  Can you see?

That gentle breeze upon your face

is not the wind…but me.


I’m the song of a bluebird

when spring is in the air,

I’m the roses in a garden,

You can find me everywhere.


Whenever you are missing me

look up to heaven’s skies,

I’m the twinkle in the stars,

I’m the sunset, and sunrise.


I’m a raindrop and a rainbow,

I’m the ocean’s waves of blue,

So everywhere you go you’ll know,

I live on, loving you.

by Ron Tranmer

And the quote I read:

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal

Love leaves a memory no one can steal.

So so true.

Painting I would love to own

Painting I would love to own



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