Big Bud

The biggest Gi-normous (is that a real word?)  Dahlia I have seen in the world.  It is so pretty, shame they don’t smell.  I took it to work yesterday morning to brighten up the office.  Earlier in the week I took some ‘normal’ sized dahlias for the front Reception desk – you can see them in the background.  I tried to take one of the photos of the Giant in front of the others so you can see how big it is.  It doesn’t really show that well, but truly … it is almost as big as my head.

I often take flowers to work for the front foyer area and always have some in a vase at home too, flowers make everyone smile/happy.  I certainly had lots of ‘wows’ yesterday by the visitors to it’s final resting place – in my office.

Do you like the swear box, we have started using it again, winter is approaching, we are getting busy… hence we get a few abusive customers on the phone, lucky my boss and I have broad shoulders. When the swear box has the money counted prior to Christmas and the last day of work, we go out and buy chocolate and then go halves.  I hope Bob does lots of ranting this winter = more chocolate for me.

I work in the Warranty and Technical Department and take a bit of grief.    Sometimes we swear/mutter about their unacceptable behaviour to us, of course … after they hang up.   We have to remember the customer is ALWAYS right.

At least I have a beautiful Bella Vista to admire all day long.   Have a nice weekend everyone.   Donna T


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