I made it to the Finish Line!

Perfect weather this morning for an extremely challenging race event.  It was overcast with little wind and not too hot.

Very pleased with myself, I got out of bed at 645am to find it not raining as predicted, I had a coffee, got prepared and then made my way to the  Event Venue to put my late entry in and pay my entry fee.

Not only did I finish the race (that was my goal),  I won a spot prize  afterwards – a Speights singlet for Colin, who surprised me and came along to take some photos and give me encouragement.

I was the 2nd girl over the finish line and also got a  certificate for that at Prize Giving and a Dunedin Sports Shop voucher for $40, what a bonus 🙂

I did it in a quick time for me – 2 hours and 3 mins, I had a sweaty wet back and a beetroot red face to prove that I was trying to put in my best effort.

What a hard, but super route, the hills were a killer up thru a paddock on a muddy track.  The views of Dunedin City at the top were pretty damn good and also looking over the beach.  Colin and I went back in the car later and took some pictures.

We then went to a ponsy Cafe for a ‘celebration of completion coffee’ (mine being a double shot of course).  By then the rain and cold had come to Dunedin.    I hope the staff at the Cafe didn’t mind my scruffy shorts and dirty shoes.

On the way home we went to take some photos of some cool red toadstools Colin spotted during the week when delivering some freight to a particularly nice house on the hills.

I’m feeling a little jaded now, there were lots of people feeling sore even at the Prize giving.  My calf muscles are very tired and tight and I could hardly walk a straight line to receive my certificate.  I bet us ‘Oldies’ will be all limping tomorrow 😛

I think it could be an early night, I hope I sleep well for a change.   Ta Ta


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