ANZAC DAY – posy making

Tomorrow morning I will be up at 730am to go down to the RSA in town to offer my services volunteering to make posies for the war veteran’s graves to be laid on Anzac Day.  We have around 4000 to make.  I helped make them two years ago with a lovely bunch of ladies, mostly older volunteers with lots of stories to chat about.  Once again I spotted the advertisement in the Otago Daily Times requesting volunteers urgently.

It will take around 3 hours, this year they are not having a selection of donated flowers with a sprig of rosemary included (the flower of remembrance) We are just having rosemary  on it’s own wrapped in red paper than will resemble the poppy.  I guess times are tough now in this recession, I am sure they will look just as good.

The Girl Guides, Brownies and Cubs will lay them on the graves around Dunedin on Anzac Day.

After my Harriers normal walk this afternoon and small 1500m track walking race in the hot 18 degree Dunedin weather I raced home (in the car of course) to get my secateurs ready and cut lots of sprigs of rosemary out of my patch, just incase they need more.

Looking forward to helping out and having a cuppa with the old dears.  I do hope they have coffee too as well as tea.  I have my paper (NZ made) poppy all ready to wear.


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