Industrial Chair

This chair I was lucky enough to find at a Dunedin 2nd hand shop way last year, I started sanding and grinding the paint off many months ago, I wanted the industrial, no paint look.  It became a bit hard getting into the smaller parts on the chair, so I pushed it to the side for a looooonnnnnggggggg time.  Finally these last 2 weeks I have had a go at finishing it… buying some neat London scenery upholstery fabric last week for it.  Having the day off work on Anzac Day, I stapled gunned the fabric onto the seat and then with a little help put it all together.  The metal work has a couple of spray coats of clear varnish to protect it.

I’m pleased it has turned out pretty good, the fabric suits it, now just need a bigger house to put it somewhere.  It is surprising how comfy it is.   I took some photos along the way of revamping it.  Costs work out about $ 20, $15 of that being the fabric.   The chair was only $2.   Some people have a fetish for boots or shoes, mine is chairs, especially unusual shapes or designer ones.


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