I have just not long got home from an hour and a half walk with my Harriers Group.  We were visitors of a different club today. It was bitterly cold and windy, there was lots of runny noses, but most had hats, gloves on their paws and scarves.

After getting home I decided to shine up my recent cup I won at the end of last year at the Prizegiving.  I was 1st = with another girl, she had the cup for the first 6 months, now it is my turn to share it.  I gave her a hard time for the dust and tarnished look of it. 🙂   It now looks like new.  I wish I could keep it forever.  It is a biggie too.  We achieved it for a combination of three race walks we did with points for each on our placings.

I was in hospital after just had my operation a few days earlier when the prizegiving was on, so it cheered me up somewhat.  I also received two certificates.

I think there may be a storm brewing at the moment, it is very dark and windy.  Lucky we have a great wood fire and heat pump to stay warm.


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