If you have had a cold day (-2 degrees) and snow overnight, I don’t recommend night time walking.  Last night at 6pm I decided to be brave and fight the cold and go for an hours walk as I hadn’t had many decent walks lately and I have a small walking race on this Sunday.  I was all dressed up with hat, scarf,gloves, hi-vis vest and miners head light on my head.  I probably looking a sight, my tartan woollen scarf not matching my striped trousers in the least,  I figured it didn’t matter as it was dark.

After talking to a nice old gentleman on the way home, I perked up, I had had a shitty old day at work. I have to work extra while we are busy.  The man’s name was Murray, he was walking an old black Lab, he laughed at me coming up behind him with my flashing light.  His wife, April died in Feb of stomach cancer and missed her terribly. He then told me his lovely daughter shouted him a trip to Auckland to see the Jersery Boys, he loved it.  It turns out he use to work with a chap at my work, small world.  I have instructions to say hello to him tomorrow.  I think he enjoyed the conversation as much as I did and the company for 10 or so minutes.  Funny, I wouldn’t normally talk to strangers like that, but he just wanted to tell someone I think.

… Anyway, I was 15 mins from home, it ended up taking me 30mins to make it there after I slipped over on the wet (I thought) footpath  of a fellow friend from Harriers driveway. I thought I would have to crawl in to his house and seriously thought I had broken something.  I came down heavily on my shoulder, elbow, thigh, hip wrist oh what else, yeah I squashed my thumb, the one I use for crocheting!.  My light was still flashing on the ground, two cars went past, and left me, they must have spotted me lying there, I couldn’t get up to start with, screaming loudly.  At least I didn’t break my Noggin or my light, it could have been worse.  🙂  I picked myself up, didn’t go into Craig’s house, my ego still in tact.  I sobbed all the way home.

Sure enough, my family were there to check out the swollen limbs, I think I will be bruised tomorrow, am pretty sore.  Don’t think anything is broken. Not sure if I have to pull out of my walking race on Sunday and not go to Harriers on Saturday, I will see.   I think I need to buy some chocolate tomorrow on the way home from an appointment after work, as my stash under my bed has run out. I think a little mouse nibbled it all.

So, be careful, watch out for the dreaded black ice.  Stay warm.


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