A typical Saturday for me


Saturday’s are normally quite busy now that I have started Harriers again for the winter season.  It is good really, as thru the winter I can’t do much outside in the garden or anything useful outside at home.  I don’t like being stuck inside as I tend to just do housework…boring.

I found out about a Vintage Fair to attend on Saturday morning, I scored some pretty snazzy black patent leather knee length vintage boots with straps around the ankles for $20.   I know they are a size too small, but I REALLY wanted them, they don’t have a heel, so will be easy to walk it.  I may have to wait though until my fat, chill blained toes settle down, they will make them tighter!

I also brought a lovely Gluten – Free slice off a lovely girl that produces GF and Vegan bakery items.  It was so tasty.  I ran back in  and purchased another one the Sunday, when I spotted that the fair was still on while we  were trying to find a park to go see the movie – Salmon Fishing in Yeoman.  BTW, good movie.

After the Fair, and to my surprise only spending a small amount of dollars I went up to the 1st church where they were having a 2nd hand fabric sale, then off home with my goodies for 1 hour and back out again after a quick coffee…. on  to Harriers.  We did a huge 2 hr walk up thru the Leith Valley.  Great bunch of company and a good turnout.  Sunday, I did nothing much apart from the movies.

A busy week coming.  Hope you like my photos.



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