Two things I dislike:

  • The Simpsons
  • Toothache, or is it called Gum ache?

I am up popping codine (how do you spell that?), waiting for it to kick in/help.  My gums have been aching off and on for days now, it seems to be worse at night when trying to sleep.  I can’t pin point it to one particular tooth, it seems to be my gums on the right side, oh dear.  I am a bit weary for sleep.

I DID have a good day though!  Went and caught up with a couple of friends, one being an old workmate, it was great to finally see him.  He is a talented guitar player in a band, I listen to him on his radio station show most Thursday nights, he plays New Zealand music for a couple of hours.

We went to the Salt Restaurant (again) at St Clair beach for brunch at 11am.  I had the usual – hot chips.

Then home for 5 mins, grab my baking for Harriers  that I had made on Friday night, (we had to bring a plate for another club joining us).  With a quick change of my shoes to walking ones, skirt still on, off I went, we only had an hour walk.

Back to the club rooms for afternoon tea, I managed to find some grapes to eat, although I wanted all the yummy cakes.  It is so hard being a Coeliac, especially when you bring a lovely plate of goodies for all to devour, and you can’t eat a thing.  Sometimes I take Gluten Free baking, even if the plate is the weight of a brick and tastes like dry old shite. Ha ha

Tomorrow, um should I say today, Colin and I will take the Holden out for a cruise and go see a fellow Coeliac friend in her early 80’s.  Her husband died a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t make it to the funeral due to work comittments and a hospital appointment. I hope she is ok, she is such a dear lady. She came and visited me in hospital.

I will add the photo of my brunch outside Salt, my friend holding the photographers walking stick, and me holding his wallet, I should have pocketed it!

Must get back in bed now.




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