I have been to the Dentist today and got my tooth fixed,it was facturered. It is still tender, but should settle down over the next day or too.

I rang my wee Sister Brenda Buggalugs just now and spoke to her for 40mins on her cellphone from mine, she doesn’t have a landline.  It is going to cost a fortune, but she is worth it.  It was great to hear her voice, it sounded like she was in Dunedin, no delay or anything.

I am going to go to bed with a smile on my dile.  I miss her so much, but glad she is making a go of Brisbane.  I have been invited over to stay at the end of the year, so better save harder.  I hope Brisbane has lots of vintage shops Bren… I’m coming.

The Photo below is of me and the Brat at the Volunteers Party last year.   I am volunteering at the Hospice this Sunday coming and are looking forward to it so much.  I love seeing the paitents and other volunteers , and doing a bit of hard work to help out.

Nigh Night Brenda, was lovely to hear your voice.

Donny xxx


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