My Harriers Athletics Club is holding a 10km walking/running race on Saturday, I’m getting a little nervous.  I am hoping to be in tip top condition for the start and the old blood pressure isn’t too low.   I plan on going to bed earlier tomorrow night.

I have done this race twice before, the 1st time winning a cup and two certificates to my surprise, that was two years ago when I joined the club.

After competing in a few club races I now, have a big handicap.  I hope the organizer realizes that I am not 100% and doesn’t give me a huge handicap (that is – wait before I can start  after the slower walkers leave ;P)

It is a terrible feeling when you are warming up, the hooter goes and you have to wait 7 or more minutes before you can go, especially when you see all the other athletes going for it.  I hate waiting for anything and are a very impatient person.

My main goal is to cross the finish line and get a little practise in for another 10 km race coming up with my club, this is the famous and enjoyable ‘Clyde to Alex’ race.   It is a hard one, actually they both are.



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    Sep 05, 2013 @ 20:37:16

    I really like it when people come together and
    share views. Great blog, continue the good work!


    • donnyjean
      Oct 22, 2013 @ 22:07:18

      Hi, thanks for the lovely comments, much appreciated. Sometimes I think I say a bit much, but it is helpful and therapy writing things down and getting things off your chest. Regards and thanks again, Donna T


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