I arrived at work early this morning wearing a plain black skirt, a vintage pink sparkly blazer and matching pink shoes, with my pink furry collared 3/4 length coat over the top, I was nice and warm and prepared for another cold, wet Dunedin day.

I walked from the office through the factory at work, upon the way receiving an odd comment on my attire from one of the factory workers.  His comments when he checked out what I was wearing :

‘What movie did you come out of dressed like that?’

I was taken by surprise and just laughed at him.   I hate it when you think of things to say about an hour later.  I must add that he was dressed in boring work overalls ha ha 🙂

I think I may wear some more vintage clothes tomorrow , maybe my orange skirt…. just to annoy him.    I have decided that I will take his comments as a compliment.

My quote I like a lot is below:

‘Be a first rate version of yourself,  not a second rate version of someone else’ , Judy Garland said this to her daughter Liza Minelli…

In other words, wear what YOU want and feel comfortable in.  It would be a boring world if we all wore the same clothes and looked the same.   🙂



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