It is sometimes hard to keep your chin up when you seem to be given all the hard blows in life, one after the other.  It was a very sad and scary day yesterday. Now that I have turned 45 years old I had to finish the day off with my first Mammogram at 6pm after also having an important date with a Specialist Doctor … nah .. I was just kidding about the Date with him, he is waaaaayyyy too old for me.

I was relieved to get into bed last night at 1030pm.  I am guessing I need to buy a copy of the Otago Daily Times (Dunedin’s Newspaper) on the way to work to view.

Poor Colin left home yesterday for work just before 7am in the dark, he turned the corner onto Blackhead Road increasing his speed up to the allowed 80 km.  The poor buggar, didn’t even see it coming, a horse appeared in the middle of the road in front of our  quite late model  Nissan Maxima.  It all happened too fast.

Colin rang me at home after he called the 111 for an ambulance ( he told me later that he rang them swearing that he had just hit a F***** Horse , and that his car was F***** and that his head F****** hurt!)   Colin would never normally swear like that to strangers, he was in shock.  Two cars stopped to assist him, he was only two paddocks away from home – 900 metres.  You don’t expect a horse to be on a main road!

I jumped in my car, thinking to grab the camera to take a few skid marks, I was shocked to see two fire engines, two police cars, an ambulance and the ODT cameraman was on the scene taking photos before I even got there.

Colin is so lucky to be alive, he walked out of it after millimetres from getting his head de-capitated.   After checking he was ok and getting his cut ear, head, hands etc attended too, I thought I would take a couple of photos for our insurance etc.  Although it was still semi-dark after viewing the front of the car on the wrong side of the road and seeing the fireman covering the dead horse on the other side of the road, I went into shock.  I couldn’t even remember our phone number for the Police lady,  I must say all Emergency staff were wonderful.  The Newspaper chap was nice, he was clicking away, all parties involved seem to be taking photos, even on their own cameras and saying he was lucky to escape.

The Police are going to investigate further, Colin is out of Hospital, off work today, he is very sore and had glass in his mouth and eye, he can hardly see.  He told the ODT reporter to buggar off when he arrived home from Hospital, she wanted to come up and do a story – asking him how he felt?, what  the hell did she think he would feel like.  He told her to get all info needed off the Police.  Colin is a very private person, never wanting to make a big commotion about anything. I know they will put some story in the paper anyway.  They wanted to write about people not keeping their live stock safely contained on their properties.

We don’t know this neighbour around the corner, he was very sorry, we have now heard their horses get out a bit?  If that is the case they should get prosecuted.  He went to work and left the gate open for his wife who was coming 10mins later, he relied on electric tape to hold the horses in, that tape was on the ground.    I have always been scared of horses, one knocked me down when I was a kid, I couldn’t walk for a week.  It wasn’t the horses fault. We have livestock ourselves on our property so know the importance of keeping them contained with secure fencing.

The horse hit the front of the car, flattened the bonnet, went smashing thru the windscreen, peeling back the roof missing Colin’s head, the Police found his beanie hat wedged between the roof and the top of the seat!   The tow truck chaps helped me clean out the stuff at the car yard in between my appointments in the afternoon, I took more photos then, they commented and said they have never seen a convertible Maxima!  I brought Col a lotto ticket and some speciality beer. Our car is written off, it was such a good car, we won’t get the $ it is worth or a replacement of similar quality. Thank god I still have a nice husband.  Our poor daughter had to go to school and sit an exam after knowing her Dad was at the Hospital.

It is going to be mucky over the next few weeks sorting things out, lucky we have the Holden for Colin to drive, I am so pleased he is taking the day off work today resting, he wouldn’t normally.

My quote I like and must remember goes something like this:

If you don’t like something, change it,

If you can’t change it,

 Change the way you think about it.

Someone was watching over us    🙂

Have since got to work after starting this post early this morning, Colin is famous, front page news!  He won’t be happy.

Oh, I almost forgot, I did OK in my 10km walking race last weekend, I was 4th girl and 10th overall out of 63 walkers, in a time of 1hr 10mins.  I was pretty happy with that, it was a lovely hot day in Alexandra, nice company to travel there with 2.



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