I arrived back to Dunedin late on Monday night after having a superb 4 days by myself Vintage Clothing Shopping in Auckland.  I was on the move walking everywhere the whole time without a lot of rest in between. …. I did manage to include some great cups of coffee though….

I had a day trip on the Ferry over to Devonport picking up some good quirky finds for presents and to decorate my house. I went to the Movies – Ruby Sparks, it was ok, an average film, but still good sitting down doing nothing.  I went to Auckland’s awesome Art Gallery – sneakingly taking a few photos, I poked my head into plenty of other Galleries also and all the Designer Shops on High Street, including Workshop, Karen Walker, World.  Even managed to find the money to buy two World tops with encouragement from the staff there.  🙂

What else… I found and went to some great parks, sitting in the sun for 5 mins at Albert Park where I found a huge sculpture of a large ‘D’, had to take a picture of that. I visited all the vintage shops on K’Rd, twice! and got some great finds.

Even managed to walk to Parnell to find the Prime Ministers house…or try to.  The Parnell shopping village looked great lit up at night, just as well I was only window shopping, I saw some of the prices thru the window, wow, next time I will go during the day and have a look-see.

The two highlights of my trip were hopping on the Ferry for a day trip to the beautiful Waiheke Island (that was on my bucket list to do b4 I die), and have a coffee/chat with my Auckland Friend, Jen who I met last year for the first time.  She took me to a very cool cafe, we both took photos of our latte/flat white.. As Jen said in her own blog,  the crockery was a mix of delicate bone china with a hint of Crown Lynn.

Waiheke Island is one of the best places in NZ, next time I will make sure Colin comes too.  We had a great tour driver on our bus telling us the history of Waiheke and the sun was streaming down.  The island is the second-largest in the Hauraki Gulf after Great Barrier Island.  Waiheke in Maori means Descending or Cascading Waters. 

My Sister, Brenda is coming over from Aussie tonight for 5 days to surprise our nephew for his 18th Birthday, we are also having a surprise party for him on Sat night, then Col and I are off to Timaru  (2 1/2 hours drive) early Sunday morning for me to compete in another walking race – 10kms in the South Island Masters.  I have never done any out of town races before, I have really pushed myself this year, trying to achieve things when able. I don’t want to let my illness/unwellness beat me while I wait yet again for more surgery.  I am stubborn.

I haven’t done much walking lately – only the walking I did from  shop to shop. Did I tell you I visited Real Groovy on Queen Street, another favourite place, I love music.

  I can’t wait to see ‘Buggalugs’ Brenda.


And I will finish with this cheeky pigeon photo, I have to stop now! I will post more photos to show you another day.


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