Wow, I did it.   I not only completed my 10km walking race in the South Island Masters Games on Sunday, I also gained a gold medal  in my age bracket- to my surprise.  I was really hoping for a bronze, as I pushed myself really hard, it was hot and quite windy along the boardwalk beside the beautiful Caroline Bay.  It was a bit of a drive thru to Timaru, 2 1/2 hours driving each way.  Colin supported me, as usual. We are coming back next weekend as I have put my name down for another half marathon – 21kms, I know…. I’m crazy.   If I am not well enough on the day, we will still go thru and just make it a weekend/night away.  We will be staying in Oamaru, an hour away as the accommodation is all booked out in Timaru.  We like Oamaru better anyway.

My harriers club members did very well also, achieving many medals in the 10km, mostly golds.

I must not forget mentioning my special Sister Brenda (Buggalugs), she was over for 5 days and is back to Brisbane today.  I only got to see her twice, once on Saturday night at my nephews 18th surprise birthday party and after work yesterday.  She called in to see me and chat alone for an hour.  Brenda is 16kgs lighter than she use to be and looking great.  My daughter took a couple of silly photos of us yesterday.  I will also add a couple of Timaru.

I will just have to start making some craft items to sell again, so I can save my pennies and have a holiday with her over there in Aussie.

Here’s to Bren on a safe flight back home to the land of the Kangaroos 🙂


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