Colin and I thoroughly enjoyed the  concert last night at the Knox Church.   It was an absolutely freezing wintery night here in Dunedin, you could feel the snow on the hills.  We sent our daughter on her way to the Dunedin Airport for her Auckland weekend away with her friend shopping and visiting the Armageddon  Event up there.

Anika Moa, Boh Runga and Hollie Smith were wonderful to listen to. They are known collectively as AnikaBohHollie – because they could not think of a better name. The girls were very humorous with the crowd, especially Anika imitating the way her Maori Father use to talk to her.  She played a song she wrote for him when he was diagnosed with cancer before he died.  When asking her Dad in hospital what he thought of it when she took the CD in to let him hear it – he said ‘ pretty stink Daughter!’.  Anika joked and said, ‘I’ve made millions off that song’, NOT.

The musicians performed songs from each of their bodies of work, as well as the new songs they had been working on together in the past five months.  Colin and I purchased a signed copy of their CD with their new songs on.   Hollie had a superb version of ‘Bathe in the River’ as the final song, all three girls had equality fine vocals.  I loved watching all three of them playing either acoustic or electric guitars.  .. There’s hope for me yet.

The church is beautiful inside, great stained glass windows and huge timber kauri beams and church pews.  The church had a sell out audience of 600.  The lighting and sound coming from the stage at the church was hard to describe.

We are going again next year if they perform again, well worth the money.

Today I went to my Guitar Lesson in the morning, then to The Dunedin Farmers Market.

 In the afternoon a friend and I went for a huge, fast walk along the Dunedin Harbour’s new walk/cycle way.  We met up with the Steam train taking passengers on a scenic ride to Sawyers Bay.  My friend just about peed when I jumped back after the train driver pulled his hooter/horn or whatever you call it.  I was standing 2 metres from the train, it was frightening and exciting at the same time.  I like the Driver’s sense of humour – he got me 🙂 My heart was fluttering for a bit afterwards and our ears were ringing.

This weekend is The  Dunedin Steam Festival, it  offers an action-packed programme of attractions and activities including a Steampunk Ball at Larnach Castle.

The steam locomotive Ka 942 is owned by the Main Line Steam Heritage Trust, the loco arrived in Dunedin a couple of days ago. The Steam Engine broke down  in the afternoon today, but managed to get underway again to take the eager passengers (in the Taieri Excursion carriages ) on their short excursion.  There were lots of beaming children  and adults aboard waving to us. It was very loud and smoky.

Tomorrow Colin and I are going to the Stadium Market again, maybe the movies -Looper and we may try to fit in a walk (weather permitting) …and possibly also a visit to the Broad Bay China Shop.  I collect coloured Art Glass and want another piece to add to my collection.  Oh yeah, I also want to go to Port Chalmers to see the new Designer Shop there and the Retro Shop, I think I may be dreaming to get all of that in. .. I will settle for two or three things, who cares about the housework.  Looks like it may be a busy day.

I’m off to bed with a stash of chocolate to read, my eyes are sore, and my body very tired.  My friend and I walked for 3 hours, moving pretty fast.  We passed 4 other Harriers walkers from my Club on the way, stopping to chat 🙂 I feel as if I have done another 1/2 marathon today 🙂


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