Today Colin and I went for a car run with our VW car club we have been members of for many years.  We left early, had a bit of a glitch not far from the meeting place of Outram with the car pinking and back firing.  We nearly pulled the plug on the event and turned around to come home, as we needed to be back in town for a late pick up of three Dunedinites that had been up in Auckland for a few days (one of which was our 18yr old daughter).  We would not be popular with her if we didn’t get to the airport for the arrival home of their flight.  Colin is on his way out there now, even after about 5 hours driving up to Oturehua.  I wonder if the girl loved Auckland as much as I did.  I hope she brought me a pressie?  I won’t hold my breath.  As long as she and her friend (and Mum) had fun, I don’t really care about a present.

Anyway, Colin and the kind members of our club fiddled with the carbs and away she went.. we had our days outing.

The mountains were covered in snow, and in between a few trickles of rain drops and fleeting pieces of snow while we had lunch at the Oturehua Pub, the weather was pretty kind.  You could feel the coldness in the air when the  car window was slightly down.

Between the owners of the Golfs and us Beetle drivers, we played ‘cat and mouse’, weaving in and out passing each other with lots of gibbing and smiling.  Some of the newer, younger members of the club flew past us in their Golfs, but we showed them.  The mighty Beetles win the race.   Pretty high speeds were obtained, all legal speed limits of course! … Yeah sure.   Us older crew have never grown up I guess.  We stopped for Coffee on the way up at the Kissing Gate Cafe in Middlemarch.  Great service there by smiley staff.  The hottest coffee I’ve had too 🙂

Colin and I had some old fashioned Black Ball lollies to eat on the way while listening to our new CD – AnikaBohHollie.

We enjoyed a delightful ‘chit chat’ with like minded VW nuts at the Oturehua Pub while munching on our late lunch.  They even catered for me – I had a nice Gluten Free Ham & Cheese toasted sandwich.  … I wouldn’t mind another one right now.

We skipped across the road to the Oturehua Store for a look, some brought more food.  Margaret and I were quite amused with a plague for sale , I had to write it down for both of us.  I may have brought it, but the plaque was not really my taste – too girly and country like.

“Never let a man’s mind wander, It’s far too small to be let out by itself”  

It made us giggle and the men muttered under their breaths.

We cruised back to Dunedin admiring the Ida Valley and scenery.

We hear they had rain and hail here  in Dunedin off and on all day.

So we had a good day out for Labour Day, back to work tomorrow 😦      At least it will only be a four day week 🙂

Next weekend is a bus trip with my Harriers Club, a mystery one and fancy dress if you wish.  I will have to think on that note, I somehow doubt that Colin will dress up.  It is the end of the season for my Harriers Club, it should be a good night out.  We don’t normally go out that much, preferring day trips, we aren’t big Nightclub/Pub goers, but this bus trip will be fun wherever they take us.

I’ll finish with a few photos of the Beetle Colin made for us, we’ve had it around 10 years now, he did a roof chop, modified back, and suicide doors.

Good night and HANG LOOSE 🙂





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