Only four days at work this week, but it seems like the working week is never going to end.

I’m looking forward to the weekend. Saturday- I have guitar lessons, then a walk with a friend, as my Harriers Club has finished for the season.  Harriers friends will meet & do a walk every other Saturday over the summer months. These walks are normally for longer and more interesting, often seeing new Dunedin sights or thru paddocks etc.

Colin and I have my Harriers break up end of season Party on Saturday night. It is a mystery bus tour, dress ups if you wish.  It is a Nautical theme, I have decided to make an effort, I will find something to wear.  Colin won’t dress up, he can’t be bothered.

I hope we won’t be out too late though, as I am volunteering at The Hospice on Sunday and have to be up early, it will be about six hours work there, mainly in the kitchen with the meal preparation and dishes.  I especially love seeing and chatting to the patients and giving them a cuppa for morning tea.  That is the best bit I love.   I have been looking forward to it all week.  It is such a lovely place to be, very family like rather than a hospital setting.  Everyone is so friendly and loving.  My Mum loved staying there before she died.  She was there for three weeks and thought she was ‘the bees knees’.  My Sister Bren was the Cook there at the time, so made her special meals, and run around after her.  She so deserved it 2.  Brenda was such a great asset to The Hospice, she was well liked there. Brenda worked there for around ten years until she recently moved to Aussie.   mumble mumble.  If you are reading this Buggalugs, I miss you… 🙂 xoxo

Also on Sunday is my Wedding Anniversary, Colin and I have been married 23 years.  Bloody hell, that must mean we are getting old.  I have a special gift for him, I got it yesterday, I will take a photo later, to show you, just incase he reads this before I give it.   I hope we go out for tea on Sunday night to celebrate and he at least buys me chocolate.

Tomorrow my Boss at work and I are going to visit a chap, Murray who use to work with us.  I visited him not so long ago by myself, Bob has not seen him yet since his accident.  He is in a retirement home here in Andersons Bay.  He is in his late 60’s but was still working part time at work as an Electronics Technician.  Very clever and fit chap.  He loved walking like me.

He had an accident while putting up or altering a TV aerial on the roof of his Daughter’s house.  He slipped on the ladder and fell,hitting his head on the way down.  It caused brain damage, he is no longer mobile but gaining a bit of coordination back.  He can’t talk due to a tube down his throat.   It is so sad.  Murray is such a lovely chap.  His wife used to work with my Mum, they are both in heaven together now.  They both died at 60.   I think Bob needs company to see Murray, I will happily oblige, and can’t wait to see him tomorrow during the day.  Just as well we don’t know our future.  I hear Murray is a happy Grandad of a baby boy, he is able to hold the wee fella in a sling and kiss him on the head.

Last time I visited Murray, I placed my hand on top of his, and gave him a bit of cheek when I was saying goodbye.  He moved his hand and placed it on top of mine.  I know that he knew I was there.  Now, months later, his daughter tells us by email that he has come ahead in leaps and bounds.

I will give him more cheek tomorrow, I know he will like that.

Shit it is windy today, time to finish the housework and put more clothes on.  Ta ta.  I will add one photo from my recent trip to Auckland.


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