On Sunday I caught up with my old school friend Tracey who is now the Cook at the Hospice (My Sister Brenda was for 10 or so years).  The other Vollie I worked with was a girl I already knew, I used to work with her years ago and her Mum at the Police Station.

Us girls were far too noisy, laughing and giving each other cheek, just the way the patients would want it. It was really hot in the kitchen there preparing the patients lunch, I went outside and picked some flowers (camelias) to put on their trays, I know Mum loved those wee flowers when she was there.   I love giving the morning teas out in the vintage cups and saucers, the ladies in particular love these, all mismatched, but very charming.

When we finished I staggered to the car with a heavy pig bucket full of scraps for our Kuni – Kuni pet pig, ‘ Teddy’, named after my father who died a few years ago… he wouldn’t be impressed lol.  Teddy is ugly but cute at the same time.  He was very happy with Breakfast, lunch and desert all rolled into one slop. He gobbled it down in no time.

I remembered my camera this time to add some photos of the Knitgraffiti   (is that what it is called?)  on the cabbage trees at the bottom of the famous Baldwin Street opposite the Hospice.  Baldwin Street of course is the Steepest Street in the World.   I am going to wrap one of our cabbage trees (a New Zealand Icon) up our driveway with the same, I have been wanting to make a start on doing this for ages, probably a year. 😦  I better get these knitted socks finished first … god they are soooooooo hard … the needles are too small and the wool too fine.  I am having problems with the pattern, IT IS me though, not understanding it.  I will ask someone for help, I have knitted too much to throw it away in a corner unfinished.

I have put the last picture on twice as I like it so much.

Time to go to work.




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