Is that how you spell Halloween?  I made an effort yesterday afternoon – filling some little cellophane bags full of giant Jaffas for any possible scary neighbour’s creatures  visiting… oops, I meant kids.

I stapled a nice halloween picture to the top of each bag. I also placed a note on the outside of the door “Be aware of the trick!”.  I was hoping I would hear any knocks if they came as we don’t have a doorbell.  When we built our house, we had to make the decision whether the Sparky installed one. We hate them, therefore the answer was a big no.  There is nothing wrong with using your paws to knock the door down.  I must admit sometimes it is hard to hear any visitors tapping due to the double glazing. I left the light on to let the children know we were home as it is a rather long walk down our driveway for little leggies.

I could hear the wee kiddies laughing as they approached the door, saying ‘oh no, look at the note’.  Colin answered the door, not before banging on it loudly.  The kids just about jumped backwards down the stairs.

They were very funny, happily posing for the photos Colin took.  Halloween is not big in NZ, some people don’t believe in it.,even becoming mad with anyone coming to Trick or Treat.

We think it is harmless fun, if the children have fun dressing up and going out braving the rain (Mum was in the car waiting, as our houses are paddocks apart from each other).  We always let our daughter do it when she was younger, I will post a picture of her  later when she was younger in a Shark suit, so cute.   Mum (me) was always in tow, normally I was made to dress up too.

They made a huge effort as you will see below and deserved the Jaffas.








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