Colin and I had our Wedding Anniversary last Sunday (geez the week has flown).  23 years married!  A bit of an achievement.  He must still like me 🙂

I volunteered at the Hospice as you know most of Sunday, Colin and I went to an Art Exhibition in the late afternoon.

We (our daughter too-  we always include her) went out for tea to The Lonestar to celebrate the occassion.  Colin and I hadn’t been there for about 10 years.

Although it was very crowded, veerryyyyy noisy & expensive we enjoyed our meal.  Colin got the spare ribs, he loves meat, but still couldn’t manage to eat 9 of them, he requested a’ doggie bag’ to our daughters horror.  hmmm… typical teenager.

I recommend the ‘Honkey Tonk’ chicken to all Coeliacs, it is the only Gluten Free option available, unless you like a plain steak (yuck).   It was very tasty, I was the only one of us three that finished my meal. I’m a pig.

I gave Colin a ceramic cross with a heart in the middle made by a local Dunedin designer,it is important to buy NZ made and support local crafty people. .. also the best bit –  I gave him a Lego Kombi Van.  A Polish Intern student at work told me he had one at home in Poland, he had brought it while studying in Denmark.  Denmark, of course being the manufacturers of Lego.

Three days before the 28th October … I found one here in Dunedin,  I couldn’t believe my/his luck.   I went to Toyworld, there was one on the shelf, although it was $200 bucks, I had to have it. … Colin is worth it.  Shit that sounds rather cheesy, but true.

I received another piece to add to my Art Glass collection of vases.  The biggest one ever, Colin got it from a ponsy antique shop here in Dunedin.   It is a two tone one from the 70’s, pink and blue.  Very lucky.

Next year I would like to be well and over my next operation and possibly get back to Bali and Malaysia to celebrate our 24th.  We were there on our 20th (that was the start of my tummy problems)… = 3 long years of being sick.  I will finish on a happy note though… It is Friday, it is forecast for 20 degrees and Colin and I are doing the Coastal Classic 12km walk on Sunday, I suggested he would like the walk and the scenery, I hear it is beautiful. I won’t race it though, that would be unfair on him, I will just cruise along, and enjoy our first long walking event together.

I will finish with a quote I like ‘ Fall Seven Times, Stand up Eight’.    I got that text/quote tattooed on my arm after my last  bowel removal operation.  I look at it almost daily to remind myself to be strong and keep looking for the positive and also to Hang on to Hope.  🙂  It makes me happy.  🙂


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