I arrived at work at 8am to find a wee pressie near my keyboard on my desk.  I smiled from ear to ear.  It made my day.

We have intern students at work at the moment, two from Denmark, and two from Poland, all studying Mechanical Engineering.

One of them is a girl this time 🙂 , her boyfriend is the other Polish student.  They are all very friendly and learning lots.

I have to ask my new found friend if she will allow me to post a photo of her and I we got taken on Saturday at the Broad Bay China Shop on our day trip.  … here’s hoping.

She is such a sweet girl, very shy, I’m over twice her age, but we get on well.

I invited to take her to the China Shop as her Boyfriend told me she likes interior design and pretty things.  I thought it would be nice for her to get out of the house for awhile and away from the boys!

We had a lovely three hours, visiting a Church Fair on the way, going to a lookout in Dunedin to view the city, having coffee and hot chocolate in St Clair at the Salt Cafe.  On the way back to her house, we tried to get into the grounds of Cargills Castle, the ruins of it. You aren’t allowed in there, but we were going to  in anyway… I’m a rebel.  Anyway I picked the wrong steep driveway.  I almost ended up in a ditch reversing back down, bloody hell, it was stressful, ‘help’!.   We laughed later and decided just to have a look from the top of the Castle from afar.  I have now found the correct address for her to go snooping there another day. 🙂

I think she enjoyed the day out, I know I did. I was a little worried  to start with about any English barriers, but she has picked up the Language really well, there was no problems there.. I think I may have spoke a little too much. I tried to slow down my talking as they say New Zealanders speak too fast.

Anyway, she wanted to make me something Gluten-Free for me, today was the day. I will eat them or at least two of them for supper tonight, our Daughter may get one.


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