My eyes are green and they are big, I spotted this wooden beside cabinet at a second hand shop in Dunedin.  I have had a friend save Kiwiana postage stamps for me.  I was going to cover an old suitcase, until I found just the right set of drawers.  ‘Cheap as chips’

These are very 70’s with their spastic legs, they look like they have been homemade  – possibly a school.  The student has put the front rail on back to front.  It is stamped to tell you where to join the pieces.  I liked that… character, so I sanded all around the wood leaving this stamped instruction for the woodworker on it.

I used millions of stamps , you would be surprised how many.  I left one drawer plain, then put shit loads of varnish over the whole thing.   It hasn’t taken quite a few weeks to complete.

I was going to modify the handles or change to contemporary  ones, but decided against that at the last minute.  I put the originals back on. I can’t decide where to put it at the moment, so it is living in the hallway.  It seems a shame to put it away in a bedroom  for no one to see?

I have now gained a cheap suitcase now, I wonder if Barbara has been saving up any more stamps for me?  I will soon find out when I have coffee with her on Saturday.  Maybe a new project coming.





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