I want to write a post about my Sister, Brenda (Buggalugs).  I had to hear her voice last night, so I rang her on her cell phone.  She has no landline, it is going to be expensive as we talked for 45 mins!

I miss Brenda terribly, she is living in Brisbane, I need to save up $$$$ and fly over there to see her.. Christmas is coming, it will be hard this year as we really have no one to see on Christmas Day.  I might help out and volunteer my time at the Church again this year.  I don’t go to church, but they are always in need of Volunteers.   They put on a meal for the people who have no family, friends or can’t afford much to eat… such a worthy thing for them to do.  I have helped out twice there, last year Colin and I helped decorate the church.  There can be around 200 people that come.

I am looking forward to this Sunday, I am volunteering at the Hospice again 🙂

Quick and simple post today.  The photos below, I took yesterday are dedicated to my wee Sister, they are of our two nosy cows when I gave them a drink of water, and one of my chickies in the garage trying to go out the cat door.

The last photo is of all my Digitalis growing around my disguised fountain at the front of my house. …if you don’t know that botanical name they are – Foxgloves, pretty 🙂





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