Booorrrrrrrriiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnng day at work, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnn.

I have just got tea ready for the other two, I have to only 😦 have another apple tonight as my tummy is too full, I hope this surgery comes soon.

I have decided I need to do something fun that I enjoy to finish the Ho-Hum day.  Thought I would find something to put on a post for you, then  I will try and make some Christmas Cards. Then I need to practise Guitar, as I have the end of year concert on on Saturday, we are playing ‘ The Yellow Submarine’, and have to dress up in yellow.

First pic is my retro inspired fabric skirt I have just completed.  I couldn’t find a pattern to make a bubble skirt, so gathered the front hem with elastic instead.  I love the orange flowers.  I had two friends  join in on the photo shot – you can see their bums.

Another pic of some vintage china Bambi I picked up years ago, some socks I am in the middle or tail end of knitting.  They are tricky.. I have never made socks before and on such fine needles!

The Wooden “T’s” I made a couple of weeks ago, cut out on a jigsaw, nice scrapbook paper glued on top after I painted them black, very easy.   The “T” are for my Surname.

The last Photograph, is of The Hooker Valley, Mount Cook, I stole the photo from my friend Beata, her partner J took some superb photos when they were away a couple of weeks ago for a weekend at Mount Cook.  He is a great Photographer.


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