How could you not like that face.  Our British Bulldog – Rock was put to sleep a year ago, we still miss him. He had kidney cancer, was happy but losing weight etc… such a hard decision to make.    He was such a friendly dog.   He was actually our daughter’s, we brought Rock for her 6th birthday, to her delight. Rock was 12 years old, the Bulldogs normally only live around 10 years.  

I just about killed him when we first got him all those years ago, I took him for a run around the block.  It was only about 3kms.  I couldn’t work out why I had to drag him around, and why he was making horrific breathing noises 🙂 and foaming at the mouth. 

I didn’t know that the Bulldogs have the nickname of ‘lazy man’s dog’ as they hate and can’t handle too much exercise.  I only did it once.   He still loved me though.   🙂

We thought Rock was getting a little lonely in his old age, so a red Border Collie named Deefa (Colin named him!) became Rocks new playmate.   Even though both boys, and looked like ‘chalk and cheese’  they got on well.  We want another Bulldog one day, another Brindle one when we have lots of money.  

I'm bored

Rock and Deefa



I smell food


Rock and Deefa


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