I think the young lad will be happy with his Christmas present again this year.  I did the same last year, that is – purchased some Boutique and overseas beer for him.  Some is quite expensive and high in alcohol content, so I have been buying and hiding them for about 6 months at the back of my wardrobe.  I couldn’t find a cardboard box strong enough to take the weight, so I have put them in one of my vintage suitcases…along with my scary retro pixie doll.

I know I shouldn’t encourage people to drink, but you have to have some things/habits in life that you enjoy.  Just like I am hoping for some chocolate.  Colin will also get the odd other things too, crossword book, socks etc.

He will be more than happy, the beer selection is even better than last years, with bottles from Poland, China, Japan, Germany, and local New Zealand speciality beers.

I’m off to listen to some Christmas Carols tonight at a Dunedin Polish Church.  They will sing some songs in Polish, English and Maori.  I haven’t been inside the church, it is a quaint wee church, so there may not be room and we may be spilling outside. At  least the weather is sunny.   My new Polish friends from work , (our  Mechanical Engineer intern students), are coming to pick me up.  One of our Marketing employee is from Poland too, he married a Kiwi Girl.  Chris  has invited us to come along.

I must practise my singing voice :p, maybe not.

I wonder if I will have time to make some Gluten Free Shortbread.  I have never made it before and hope the rice flour holds together, and doesn’t crumble.  I will give it a go.



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