I’m feeling happy with myself, I got my wish of being a volunteer Host at one of the Dinner tables for the lonely, poor and homeless folk from Dunedin.  The last two times I have volunteered at the Church in Dunedin, I have done the dishes out the back.  This time I was hoping to be allowed to Host a table for the needy and chat with them while they had their dinner. I put my name forward and got my wish.  There were seven eldery people and one younger chap at my table.  The hosts job was to provide conversation, smiles and serve them with drinks and their meal and pudding.  Two of my people had mental health issues, I really enjoyed looking after them and chatting away.  They really enjoyed themselves and the fantastic meal.  A lot of the produce was donated by Dunedin business’s and some money given from various places and kind hearted people.  We catered for around 220 people.  It is the 24th year the church has done this kind gesture.  I like the saying/quote on the placemats:

‘Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone’

I arrived home  after 2pm, almost melting from the heat in the sun.  I even brought a Gingerbread Man cookie home for Colin, the WHITE South Island Maori Boy, he chomped it down in a hurry.   We then gave our christmas pressies to each other.  I got 3 good music CDs and chocolate and a Frankie Magazine, Colin was happy with his beer and new socks and cap for his baldy head to stop the sunburn.

Our Daughter was very very happy (in fact I haven’t seen her smile like that in a long time) with her Korean band music CD’s she ordered.  We paid for them to her delight, I hid them when they arrived from the States yesterday, just in the nick of time.  One happy kid.

Colin and I received two handmade cards  from her and the presents nicely wrapped.

Tonight we are off to Nandos for Tea.

Colin's Cookie

Gift giving



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