I may have a chipped front tooth, but my legs and feet are still ok!   I have just been for a 3 hour fast walk on a very hard Karetai 16.5km walk, mostly hilly up thru paddocks.   I was invited by text late last night to join my friend and his friend David for this walk.  They are both extremely good walkers so I was a little worried about being able to keep up with them – I did.  Also I didn’t want to meet them at 830am on my very few holiday days away from work.  I am glad I did it, we took in some great views on the challenging hills, and at least being up at 7am, I am home and I still have half a day left.  Tomorrow I will lie in as on Saturday I need to get up early again as I am volunteering at The Hospice again.

Colin is at work today and tomorrow, so it seems a little strange here at home by myself…well the Daughter is here, but she is in her messy room with the door shut.

The photo below is not actually my teeth, but I chipped  my front tooth on the boot lid of my car on Christmas Eve, this photo  looks very similar.  I am gingerly talking to people without opening my mouth too much and won’t be smiling a lot until it is repaired.

I was hoping to get it fixed in the next day or two, but after ringing my Dentist he is not open for days!!! shit oh dear.  The trouble is, both my front teeth are capped, so I am not sure if he can re-cap it or if a specialist needs to do it, no one is open due to the Christmas break.  It was about a thousand dollars per tooth to get done years ago.   I chipped the ends of both of my front teeth when starting primary school at 5 years old on the jungle gym bars.  I had pins in them for years, then ten years ago had them capped.

It could be worse, at least it didn’t get knocked right out, I will just have to be paitent and wait for them to re-open.  I wonder why dental problems always happen in holidays or weekends.

The second photo is a shot at a park I found in Auckland City on my recent shopping expedition.  I love Birds of Paradise flowers, we could never grow them in Dunedin as the climate is not warm enough.

Time to do some housework….boooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg 🙂





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