We are packing the car up now ready for our Camping and Road Trip to Akaroa (50 mins out of Christchurch).  We are off very early tomorrow morning as it is a 5 hour trip.

The forecast is for rain, as long as we can put the tent up in the dry weather before it rains, then we will be ok.  Colin and I have always wanted to go to Akaroa, we have heard it is a beautiful, quaint village (alot of French settled there years ago).

I have my knitting of some new socks to take camping (I brought the wool today), I have just finished my second pair last night.  The varigated colour is a bit boyish, so this time I’m knitting bright stripes.   They turned out well.

handmade socks

I also have a rather large cake of chocolate to eat, a Frankie Magazine to read, a few bottles of Vodka, although I don’t really drink much at all, I have my camera and warm clothes just incase, and also my walking shoes, just incase I get 2 or 3 walks in.

Late this afternoon I made some Gluten Free Ambrosia Pudding to take away and a Gluten Free Chicken & Kumera Quiche.  We will leave half of both here for our Daughter to eat.  She is at the age she doesn’t want to come with her Mum and Dad, and probably wants peace.


Ready to cook

Smells good

We are hoping the 5 days will go really slowly.  I can’t wait to see Christchurch too, even though it will be sad with the Earthquake damage.

I will leave you with my made up Quiche I have cooked (I just chucked heaps of ingredients in), the yummy Ambrosia and my socks.  Last but not least a photo of Sasha our Boy cat who used to belong to my wee Sister Brenda.   He is a friendly oldie cat now, a plain Jane with a pleasant personality.  Brenda named him Sasha as she thought he was a girl.  He is poking his tongue out to you Bren. 🙂

Gluten Free Marshmallows


Also a photo of some Vintage fabric pillowcases I finished yesterday.  I have collected so much vintage fabric over the last few years, it is great to recycle it for a new purpose.   They are ever so soft, the paisley and pink being slightly brushed cotton.

Re used fabric



We are going to be boring farts this year, we won’t be hitting the Octagon or pubs to celebrate New Years. We need to be up early.  We will see the New Year in at home though and I’m sure Colin will have a few of the beers I gave him for Christmas.



Right, that is it, I have done far too  much talking…


Love Donna


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