Happy New Year to you all.

Colin and I arrived home last night from our camping holiday in Akaroa, near Christchurch.  The place lived up to our expectations, it is a quaint and pretty French settlement.  The weather was great, very hot, apart from one night of heavy rain and gale force winds.  Our tent almost lifted off the ground, it was scary.

We both came home with a bit of colour and suburnt knees!  We went on a wildlife cruise on a boat, seeing Penguins, Dolphins etc,  we took our rods fishing one day also, but never caught anything :).

We went to a Marae and a Maori Museum, lots of cafes for coffee and some yummy Gluten Free caramel slice I found.  I dragged Colin into the arty shops and any second hand shops I spotted.  The place was humming with tourists on two of the days, as there were two massive cruise ships that arrived from Aussie.  I went on four early morning walks and got some awesome art glass finds at an Antique Fair I went to prior to the journey home yesterday.

We drove to Christchurch one day and Lyttleton Harbour.  The Earthquake damage was very very sad to see.   We felt guilty even driving around  a couple of the worst streets, the houses that were still standing were all vacant, with the odd family still living in theirs.  The streets were like a ghost town, run down with weeds on the streets.  Some residents are still having to use Portoloos on the street.  My eyes fill up with tears as I write this.  The poor people.  I think it is good for others to see this sort of tragedy, it makes you appreciate the things you take for granted and have.   I hope people continue to help /support those struggling in Christchurch.  We do have to help people in our own country first.  Even by still visting Christchurch and spending money up there, it all helps.

On a happier note, we did have a great little break, I have crossed two destinations off my list  of where I wish to go before I die.  Waiheke is still the bees knees, I plan on taking Colin there one day soon.

Ta ta for now.


I am hoping to ring the Dentist tomorrow to get this tooth fixed.

I will leave you with a photo when we were going into Akaroa.    ‘Akaroa’ in Maori means – Long Harbour.




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