I was very sorry to hear that my ex workmate Murray died while we were on holiday in Akaroa.  Murray had a fall from a ladder some time ago while fixing his Daughter’s Sky Aerial.

Murray was unable to communicate due to having a tube in his throat, he was in a wheelchair with limited use of his hands.

He was a very fit and intelligent fella, always helpful at work.   He also gave me great advice on my walking, Murray use to walk in a variety of Dunedin Tramping Groups, he only worked part time at work, enjoying the outdoors more.   We had some great chats and laughs.

I recently went to visit him again at the Home/Hospital he was staying at.  He was very happy to see my Boss and I.  Murray still had his wits about him and knew when I was giving him cheek.

The funeral is on Friday, my second day back at work.  He will be missed by many.

Three flowers for Murray on my windowsill in my kitchen 🙂

RIP Murray



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