Drat, my old (1992) BMW failed a warrant of fitness this morning.   Two minor things, geez they are tough at the testing station.   One of them failing it was an extra LED light on my back window for the brake lights… a bit dim!  Der brains  ;(

Colin has fixed it all ready,  it won’t take too long for a re-sit on Monday, just a nusiance.

Today is nice and hot, I shouted myself some new summer sandals in town this morning, then spotted the coolest red velvet brogues. I know, not really that practical for cleaning!, but I will just make sure I don’t wear them when walking in my paddocks.  I wouldn’t want cow or sheep shit on them 🙂  They are the coolest shoes, I love brogues, and different shoes.  I need or should take a photo sometime to show you.  They were down from $169 to $19.94, I’m not kidding.   The last pair left too and they perfectly fit my feet.   I just about ran up to the counter to pay for them.  I know I don’t need them but they are devine.

I would like to go to the movies tomorrow but we also have a VW club car run on in the afternoon, so not too sure at this stage what one we will choose.  Maybe the weather could make that decision for us.

Murray’s funeral was lovely yesterday, it was very long, almost 1  and a 1/2 hours.  There were so many people that got up and spoke about his kind, and loving nature.  His daughter and son gave lovely speeches too about him being the best father and about his interesting life, the kids were born in Canada and lived there for quite some time.  Murray was a Electronic genius and fixer of anything that no one else bothered with or had the know how.  The tributes were delightful, a man that will be truly missed.   A wonderful send off for him.

This morning I came home with a great second hand find, another suitcase, and a bargain, … I have more stamps!!  I have also started another project, I will show you a glimpse.  I have started hammering on beer bottle lids onto one of my favourite cabbage tree up my driveway.  It could take quite awhile for me to complete.  When Colin turned 40, we had a big party in our barn (we were living in the barn before we built our house).  We brought lots of different beers again for our party guests to drink.  I saved all the lids, for some reason, not knowing what to do with them.   7 years later, I now have the idea.

I will cover the trunk  of the tree with the lids  and the lids from Colin’s Christmas present too lol.    I have had to purchase galvanised nails so they don’t rust.    I hope they don’t poison the tree.   I will also do a knitted tree trunk sometime, but I’m on to this one first.  What do ya reckon?  I think it will be cool.


Beer Tree

Beer Tree


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