Today I had a hard day at work, I am in the Warranty and Technical Department, so I listen to people whining, being abusive most days.  I am also doing two peoples work atm as my Manager is on Annual Leave for 7 whole weeks.  It is a hard and quite negative job.  All day I was thinking about going home to one cattle, not two, as today we had to get one of ours killed. It had broken it’s leg  on Sunday.  We aren’t sure how, it seems in good spirits but we need to do the right thing just incase it is in any pain, you can’t fix it. We had a qualified butcher coming to do the deed  early this morning, you have to do things the right way.

And I’m home from work, the other cattlebeast is looking a little muddled. We may buy another calf soon for company.    Living on a small Lifestyle Block you have to be prepared for these sort of things and some people find it hard to understand that the animals are sometimes bred and grazed ready for the meat.  I’m not a big meat eater, Colin is though.  I am just about a vegetarian, I like fish and chicken really, red meat I could just leave it.  I hate the fat.

On a nice note, take a look at the two photos below.   At work today our Polish Intern (Mechanical Engineer) Students put on a Lunch Shout.  They are leaving on Friday 😦 after many months in New Zealand, I am sad Beata is leaving… oh and Jacek!  We were so lucky, the two of them slaved all day on Sunday and made about 200 Pierogi, they were devine.  Yes, they especially made me about 15 or so of my own Gluten Free ones.  It was a bit of a trial time for them, but they mastered the GF flour by adding an egg to bind (Jacek gave me that tip).  I was impressed, they tasted very nice. Our ones at work were made of potatoes, onion, eggs, bacon, cauliflower and seasonings.

I also have a Doggie Bag to take home (the Daughter will enjoy them) and even some normal ones for ‘Normal’ Colin!

I will have a go at making some in the near future.  Everyone at work loved them too.  It is great to try other food from different countries.  I felt so happy to be catered for, especially at work.  I have had Coeliac Disease for 7 years, 5 of those years at my present workplace, they have never ,ever catered for me at work, not once.

So a BIG thankyou to my Polish friends.  It was much appreciated  🙂

For your information: Pierogi is a delicious Polish food.  There are many kinds of this food which have different fillings. They are a thinly rolled dough with various fillings, mostly savoury but sometimes even a dessert with fruit fillings.   Pierogi types are traditionally Polish dumplings,  the diversity of the fillings is only limited by your imagination.  Pierogi is one of the national foods in Poland.  Poland is situated in the geographical centre of Europe.



My Gluten Free ones

Jacek and Beata

Jacek and Beata


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