It was a sad day yesterday saying goodbye to Beata and Jacek, my Polish friends from work.   They will be hopping on the plane soon for Poland.

Beata and I both cryed and gave each other some hugs.  We also exchanged some leaving gifts.  Jacek made me a steel rose (he is a Mechancial Engineer Intern) , you wouldn’t believe how clever it is.  I was chuffed to bits.  I will add a photo soon.

It may not smell, but it is perfectly formed like a rose.  I will treasure it forever.  Handmade gifts mean so much more than store brought items.

I was in a bit of a panic making and finishing Beata’s knitted wire Maori Kete, it is tiny, maybe she can  hang it on the wall.  She loves NZ and Kiwiana, so the card had NZ icons on it also. I had sore fingers knitting the wire on fine needles and only had five days to complete it.  I added a small piece of paua shell.  I also made her a different NZ map souvenir spoon necklace, I made myself one identical.  Everytime I wear it I will think of them and wonder what they are doing on the other side of the world.

I wrapped it all up in some Maori Design paper I made.  She was amazed the wire was knitted and loved it.

Best Wishes Beata and Jacek – we WILL stay in touch, I’m going to save up for a future wedding ha ha ha.



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