I enjoyed volunteering at the Hospice yesterday, we were extremely busy as the other volunteer didn’t turn up.  I had some lovely chats with the paitents.  It was a beautiful hot day in Dunedin.. it was ideal conditions for the former Dunedin Band – ‘The Chills’ to give the Dunedin public a free concert at The Botanical Gardens.  I met Colin there after the Hospice, we were a little late due to the extra  workload.

The Chills were great, we all sat on the grass or on the steep bank above them,the acoustics were great and echoed throughout the valley. Colin and I managed to squeeze our way quite close on the grass in front of the bandstand.  There were trillions of people there, including plenty of kiddies. When leaving my dress stuck to my bum, I think the grass was slightly damp as we have had a lot of rain the last week, either that or it was sweat.  🙂

Here are a couple of pics.

I will add a photo too of my rhubarb that is growing really well in my vegetable garden, it’s massive!   I don’t know how we will manage to eat it all ;P  GIGANTIC!!!

The Chills

The Chills

My Massive Rhubarb..sure

My Massive Rhubarb..sure



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