I have had this wooden lamp for years, another second hand find.   I always wanted to modernise it, I hated the shade with it’s henus tassles around the lower edge, the fabric was half faded or rotten.   I had planned to buy a new shade until I saw the price of the larger ones.  I decided I quite liked the frame without any fabric.  It lets out LOTS of light.  It has been like this for so long.   We use it all the time in our lounge, so useful.

Last week I finally decided what to do with it.  Paint it a cool colour.  Yes, one of my favourite colours – Teal Green, mostly green with a slight blue tinge.

It was super easy= remove the wiring, sand the varnish off, undercoat, then spray with 3 coats of super shiny top coat.  Wiring back in…. and it is back in the lounge doing it’s stuff – throwing out lots of light.

It now has new life, all done on my own, easy peasy.  Now I will be on the look out for another lamp base, maybe hot pink!   Did I tell you I hate sanding, the prep work is boring, I am very impatient and want to see things finished as soon as I begin.

‘Cheap as Chips’ too, only costing a $13 can of spray paint.

I have had to hold fire on the stamped suitcase at the moment until I find another stash of used stamps.














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