I have had this idea for a bunting type necklace out of metal for some time, actually months.  I needed to motivate myself and get it started instead of just paper sketches of what I wanted it to look like. I’ve taken two photos to show you the finished result, check out all my freckles.  I use to hate them as a kid as I was teased about them and call ‘fly shit face’,  I can laugh about that now, and actually I love my freckles now 🙂

I stole some stainless steel from work (actually scrap) last week, but it was too hard to cut.  Then on Friday Colin came up with the idea of using some of my vintage cake tins.   I had one partly chopped up from about a year ago when I made heart brooches.  I used part of that one and then drove to the 2nd hand shop at the local tip and brought a Vintage Paddington Bear cake tin for $1.   I know it was cute to cut up with tin snips, but it is re using, so not a waste.  

I  use the odd bit of vintage Tupperware to store my baking in, but mostly use tin cake tins from yesteryear to store any cakes or biscuits I bake.   I love them and they are normally air tight and remind me of my Mum, she use to do the same.

Anyway, the necklace was super easy, I drew the triangles in the tin with felt pen, cut them with my tin snips.  I sprayed a few with bright paint I had, then some of the patterened tin, sanded slightly to make it look more vintage. I then punched the holes with a small nail, filed the edges and so they weren’t so pointy, then connected them with  jump rings and re used an old chain I had off a hideous necklace.   Da Dahhh, done.

I wore it today for the first time and had so many good comments.   I reckon I could take orders, probably wouldn’t make much money though 😛    I am finishing another one  as a spare , I’ll  probably give it away.

🙂  I like bunting 🙂

I have just found out about a Vintage Clothing fair on this weekend. I wonder where I could steal some cash from to go shopping.   Can’t wait.  

up close



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