I haven’t been very well to put any posts on my blog lately, today is the day to add a long one. I don’t have a lot of exciting news, but I still manage to prattle on.   I had a lovely  family surprise yesterday.

Easter vintage card

Easter vintage card

I hope you all have had a lovely break at Easter and lots of chocolate to eat too.  It has been pretty quiet with a lot of families hooking their caravans on to their trailers and escaping the town for a weekend away. I went for a walk on Friday and saw loads of people packing up their cars, vans and trailers.  I felt a little jealous, then remembered why we were not going away or too far.  The Hospice rang me mid week desperately needing a volunteer to help on Easter Sunday, I need a break/rest…. but I had to say yes, they need me, and I do luv it there.   After the Hospice yesterday I visited an Elderly friend who is in my Coeliac Group, she didn’t seem so chirpy and was in a bit of discomfort walking at our meeting a week ago.  Her knees are giving her grief. I have been worried about her as her Husband of many years suddenly died of a brain tumour prior to Christmas, she will be lonely and grieving.

So I decided on Wednesday to make three handmade Easter Eggs, I added Gluten Free snowballs into the middle of her one.  I also dug some veges out of my garden for her.   I popped around after my Hospice duties, she lives a street away, she was just about crying to see someone.  She wouldn’t stop kissing and cuddling me.  She is such a dear lady.  I was very pleased to see her outside with rubber gloves on painting her roughcast fence, she is 80 years old.   At least she was keeping herself busy and achieving to complete a job.   I was pleased I made the effort, and it did not take much for me to do that.  

I want it

I want it

I want to go camping and own this

I want to go camping and own this

Isn't it pretty

Isn’t it pretty

Afterwards on the way home I passed a couch on the footpath (and part of the front fence) that had been set on fire by the students (scarfies) no doubt at a party the previous night.  That is a thing our Dunedin Students do, burn couches for the fun of it, it is a tradition.  I bet they had fun and were very drunk.

Then I took a quick look at the Gypsy Fair, it is in  town for the weekend, it was the same old stuff, but the vehicles/buses were fascinating.

I then parked the car  up and walked the rest of the way home in the heat (1 hours walking straight up the hill).  To take my mind off the steep hill I text our niece Gina to see how her weekend was going.  To my surprise and delight, her partner, Johnny asked her to get engaged and gave her a ring with all the trimmings, rose petals down the hallway etc.  How cute, we are very happy for them.   At last there will be a wedding to go to some time in the future.  

Well I will leave you with a few photos, one of my icing easter egg Colin ordered me, you can’t buy them in town anymore, it came  from the manufacturer in Christchurch.  I had mentioned months ago I remember Mum buying them for us as kids. I love them, they are probably full of sugar but who cares.  A lot of people have no idea what I am talking about, I wonder if the oldies like me remember eating these as a child?

My treat from Colin - an icing easter egg

My treat from Colin –
an icing easter egg

I couldn’t buy the Daughter any hot cross buns this year, now that she has Coeliac Disease too, therefore I tried a new recipe I googled.   Chickpea and Chocolate cake/slice, it is delicious.  The two cups of chocolate may not be healthy but chickpeas are full of nutrients.  I might make it a family tradition from now on and make it every Easter.  Even Colin liked it and he hates chickpeas.   The flowers I picked  are out of my garden for Mum at the Cemetary. I hope she liked them.  Tom, my walking buddy lives near the Cemetary, so on Friday night I took him a piece of the cake and also one of the other handmade eggs.  He returned the favour with a gift for me of courgettes 🙂  He has a knee injury and was hobbling along as well as dear wee Alma.   I am sure the chocolate will heal his bones ha ha

A little 12 year old girl, Kelly I did guitar lessons with last year got the third egg in her letterbox as a surprise with a homemade card.

Chickpea and Chocolate Slice

Chickpea and Chocolate Slice


Off to work tomorrow, drat, my Boss still won’t be back from sick leave.  yaaaaaaawwwwwwwwnnnn, I will leave you with a couple of quotes I like:

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step”   Martin Luther King Jr

“Creativity is Contagious”, Pass it on.

Speaking of being creative, I finally finished by very 1st Korowai (Maori feather mini Cloak) last night, I have it framed and all, just need to find a spot on the wall for it.  I will take a photo one day to put on my blog to show you.

I am going to plan a holiday weekend sometime to Invercargill, we will give the Daughter a break from us, and we will get away from the mundane everyday stuff.  It will be good at some stage to go there.

Ta ta for now


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