Well work is almost here again.  The daylight savings last night has made a huge difference, it is 8pm and it is pitch dark. We have just finished a late tea of corn fritters and also whitebait patties for me due to arriving home late after our car club outing today.  It was a scavenger hunt going to different destinations (once you worked out where they were) in our Volkswagons, each location you had to find the container with a marker in it. One of the destinations was the top of Baldwin Street, the other being the beautiful Aramoana Spit.    It was a race, (not that any of us sped in our vehicles) the wifes or partners seem to be the runners out of the car, I feel tired now, lots of exercise.  It was lots of fun, we never won a prize but enjoyed the end result of a beer and water at a local Dunedin pub.

Below is my very 1st pumpkin to show you, it is growing into one of our paddocks, our cows better not eat it :(.  There are lots more baby ones growing.  I think Pumpkin and Kumera Soup may be on the cards for the coming  colder weather.

I also found my Basil Brush tucked away in a cupboard last night, he needs his corduory mouth sewed up, he must have been yapping too much- boom, boom, boom.  Is that right?   It was something like that,  as a kid I watched him on the Basil Brush Show. I especially love his tartan coat.

On Friday at work I decided to ring the Hospital after my letter of complaint was acknowledged after I wrote another letter to the Surgical Manager prior to Christmas.  I  wrote about being ignored while so unwell waiting on the  Hospital Waiting List for more surgery, also my disappointment in not receiving one check up while on the waiting list since told of needing to trial another Operation to try to allow me to eat etc. It is terrible – 10 months of fending for myself!.

I was going to wait until the end of April and if I hadn’t received a surgery date by then after the Manager apologized and promised I would hear from them in the near future.  I was feeling a little sore on Friday after having a meal on Thursday night, so I rang  earlier than planned.

Can you believe it, I was told my the Surgeon’s Secretary that I have NOT???? got my name down on a waiting list and it has never been on one, even though I signed next of kin and contact papers at the last meeting and decision, 10 months ago.

 Can you imagine my utter disgust in the health system,  it has already been 3  & 1/2 years of being unwell!.  Waiting lists in Dunedin/NZ are terrible.  I left a message on the Surgical Managers answerphone to ring me urgently on Monday.  I managed to stay at work in the afternoon and just hid the tears of frustration rolling down my cheeks from my work collegues.   I don’t think anyone was the wiser or sore my red eyes.

It was good to go out today and keep my mind off it, I think I will have to be very assertive tomorrow when I get a phone call from her.  I want some answers, and will expect an answer.  If you are unwell  with bowel and tummy problems or been frustrated on waiting lists and/or waiting forever to find out what is wrong with you, then please like my page, then I will feel better that there are others in the same boat.  

I will keep positive until then, I’m am sure after receiving the acknowledgement letter  there must be a mistake or room for me somewhere, surely I haven’t been forgotten about or lost in the system.  Until then, I will think about the good things in life and eat some chocolate later on for supper. 

My first day at Harriers Opening Day was enjoyable yesterday, we did an hours walk in the sun, lots of people came and a few new walkers and runners 🙂

Geez the patties Colin made were yummy.

Have a good week.  Donna  🙂

My very 1st Pumpkin

My very 1st Pumpkin


My  vintage Basil Brush in need of a fix up on his mouth

My vintage Basil Brush in need of a fix up on his mouth

My Club Scavenger Hunt/Drive today - one of the hidden markers found at 'The Spit', Aramoana

My Club Scavenger Hunt/Drive today – one of the hidden markers found at ‘The Spit’, Aramoana

Another marker found at the top of Baldwin Street, the steepest street in the world.

Another marker found at the top of Baldwin Street, the steepest street in the world.


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