I seem to be getting busier these last few weeks, they are just flying by.  Still working extra at work and having lots on..  I am hoping next week will settle down a bit.  I have been looking at ways of using some of my vinyl record covers up.  Last week I made a couple of journals with the covers and note pad inside.   They worked out really well, one being ‘Grease’ and the other one a ‘Pink Floyd’ cover.   I only used the second hand recycled covers, not my real records.

A couple of years ago I made a few of the cut outs for the wall with the records with Kiwi Icons – the Tui bird, and also Queen Elizabeth’s head.  I made lots at the time for orders and presents, they were very  time consuming and soon got sick of the long process, I never made any money for the labour time that went into them. Records look good as clocks too, I made a neat VW Kombi van one that I intended to keep for myself but a lady brought it off me at a craft stall Idid.

On google I found this image of wall art that I like, I don’t think I have enough wall space for so many butterflies, I may have to make one or two though. 

I went to the tip today at 5pm after work and tried to take a photo of some Pukeho out of my car window, they are such neat birds and walk freely around the road and flaxes going into the rubbish dump.  I never have my camera on me when I spot them, today I did, but the birds were camera shy keeping a distance. 

Have a nice weekend, Dunedin is going to be wet according to the forecast. 




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