After getting up at 5am this morning, sipping a quick coffee I heard the rain getting heavier and heavier.  It didn’t put me off though, I put an extra layer of clothing on and my good weather proof jacket.

I drove in to town and enjoyed the Dawn Parade Ceremony while watching it slowly change from pitch darkness to daylight to a rainbow appearing in the sky on my walk home.

I was very proud standing there listening to the speeches and singing our National Anthem, in the Maori Language first.   We also sang Australia’s Anthem, I tried but didn’t know all the words.

I remember when my Brother was in the Army, he  took part in the Ceremony.  He was nervous as they had to stand still and not even blink for a long time, and also not dropping their rifles.   I felt sorry for the Maori  lad today dressed  only in a Korowai and holding a Mere.  He had bare feet and it was still raining!

I stood right behind the choir, they were a bunch of older men with great voices. I loved the one in front of me with the furry hat, you will see it in the photo.

I have also taken two photos to show you some art I made last weekend, I have made it out of two recycled cups, I drilled holes in the bottom and used one of my old sewing measuring tapes to thread thru and make the  bra straps.  I have chosen to give it a title ‘what cup size are you?’.

I hung it on the other side of some pillows I made out of chicken wire and rocks, feathers and light bulbs.  They are hanging on my hallway wall.I made them three or so years ago.  I am not a great sleeper, never have been, when I made this I was having a particulary bad time for weeks ,up most nights counting sheep.

This creation ha ha, is titled ‘No Sleep’, it represented that time when I was awake alot.  The first pillow contains the light bulbs = my head was constantly thinking. The second pillow of the rocks = my pillow is hard to fall asleep on when I am worrying or thinking too much about things, the last pillow is a feather filled comfy pillow, as I eventually  would fall asleep.   A bit weird, but it meant a lot to make something at that time and use my fingers to get my frustrations out – Creating is fun.

I hope you like the photos.   For all our Aussie mates over the ditch and us New Zealanders, have a great Anzac Day.

Love that hat

Love that hat


Laying of the wreaths

Laying of the wreaths

Rainbow after the rain

Rainbow after the rain

A pukeho I took a photo of when going to the tip/dump last week

A pukeho I took a photo of when going to the tip/dump last week




‘What cup size are you?’


No Sleep

No Sleep


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