Tomorrow I will be up out of bed at 7am and on my way in the car travelling to the start of a walking race I have never done before.  I predict it may take me 3 hours to finish it (fingers crossed) as it is 16kms walking on a variety of terain, beach, bush, gravel…even a boat ride 🙂  The walk also includes a lot of hard hills thru farm paddocks/fields.  I hear it is very very hard, I guess they don’t call it the Peninsula ‘Challenge’ for no reason 🙂

It is also a mountain bike race and running race.  There are two walks, I figured that if I am going to do this for a first time, I might as well go for the longer walk.  I hear it is beautiful scenery, so  I will be taking my camera with me alongwith lollies.

I have just finished another race this afternoon with my Harrier’s Club today, a 5 km one.

I had a BIG handicap of 9 mins, it was horrible waiting to be allowed to start when I could see all the others getting further and further away.  It was hard, and hot, but fun.  I am very pleased with my effort, as yesterday and today I have been feeling a little seedy.

I was the 3rd fastest walker overall, but due to the handicap  I was actually placed as  7 th in the finishing order.    🙂

Kathryn and I were walking together most of the way, playing ‘cat and mouse’, I passed her at the last home straight and managed to keep in front. …just.   I must see if I did better time wise than last year.

I was pleased that Rhonda received the cup, even though she was not the fastest, with the estimated handicaps we are given it gives everyone a fair chance of winning.  I think that is a good idea.   Rhonda is a lovely lady, it is good to see someone new win it.  It was a shame she wasn’t at the presentation / afternoon tea afterwards.

It was my turn to be on tea duty at the club, so I was a busy wee beaver, I was still sweating like a pig after my efforts an hour later and had beetroot red cheeks.  The club had a good turn out afterwards,  the surprise slices and cakes I took went down well with everyone and were gobbled up quickly.    I didn’t know my placings until now as I didn’t even have a chance to take a look at the printouts.

I think tomorrow I won’t over work myself and will just do this new walk as a ‘new’ thing/event.    I always try to push myself but I try to enjoy myself too.  My goal is to cross that finish line.  I hope I can do it, I will give it a good go.  Shame it is on Mother’s Day though, I wanted a lie in.  😦

I dedicate my day to my Mum, Jean who is not with us anymore.  She died as a young and trendy 60.  I know she will be watching over me tomorrow.  I will give it my best shot for you Mum 🙂 xxx

Here is a photo of her when she was a young lass, very cute.   My Sister, Brenda looked a little bit like her when she was a similar age.

Happy Mothers Day to you all.

Photo taken in Dunedin

Photo taken in Dunedin

Cheeky but cute

Cheeky but cute

Look at those knobbly knees

Look at those knobbly knees

And a photo of  Mum at our wedding.

And a photo of Mum at our wedding.





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