Gee whizz, I must be getting old, it is our Daughter’s Birthday today, she is 19 years old.  

It doesn’t feel that long ago she was running around as a toddler.

We have all just got home from Dinner at  Etrusco’s in the wonderful setting of the Savoy building.  They are a speciality Pasta and Pizza Restaurant, very flash.  We went there for my birthday two years ago, they have Gluten Free Pasta and Pizza.

The poor girl, I passed my Coeliac Disease Gene on to her, she was diagnosed 4 or so months ago.  She hasn’t really complained at all about this and seems to be coping alright.

This is her first Birthday being Gluten Free, at least they have tasty Gluten Free food at Etrusco  that she enjoyed.  I have also picked her up a GF Chocolate Mud Cake on the way home from The Desert Room, I don’t normally have a meal on a Tuesday night… but boy …. am I looking forward to supper 🙂 yummo.  One small piece will be ok, surely!

The restaurant was beautiful, it is such a huge room, with lots of low dimmed chandeliers, ornate plaster ceilings, lots of wood and marble pillars and corbels.  The leadlight and stained glass windows are a piece of art, the open fire was roaring.  We even had one of the young waiters hop on the piano and play some songs for us.   I don’t think our Daughter appreciated the opera type music.

She is a shy young lass and doesn’t want her name mentioned on my blog, I have to respect her privacy.  Her name is original, or should I say special, we made it up when naming her before she was born.  I promised I wouldn’t put it on here.   Maybe I should have a pet name for her instead, maybe ‘the brat’ 🙂

She is a good kid, much quietier as she has got older,  she still has got a good sense of humour.  She has never given us any trouble.

I made her a necklace out of copper and brass, I hand cut it with a scroll saw and have been working on it for weeks, trying to hurry.  She doesn’t show her emotions that well, but I am sure she likes it alot.  I will take a photo some time of it and show you.  I must make myself one as it turned out ok.  We also brought her an E reader and an I Pod docking machine/player/alarm clock.  She is pretty happy.

Yum, supper to come

Yum, supper to come

Don’t tell the girl, but I pulled my camera out of my bag in the toilets… or should I say the Ladies Powder Room. She would be horrified if she knew I did that.  😛

They have a photo of the restaurant from the olden days on the wall in there.  I took a picture of it.  It wasn’t dated, under Somerset Lounge, it had written The Party Room !  I can’t imagine anything other than cake and tea served in the party room.

What a shame they had net curtains covering the beautiful leadlights.

Oh well, it is almost cake time, then bed.  Good night all from me from a very cold Dunedin.

A photo of Etrusco in the ladies powder room

A photo of Etrusco in the ladies powder room



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