Here is a photo I took last night of one of our cats when I was sitting on the lounge floor knitting a new project.  I had my PJ’s on to keep warm and my hand knitted socks.  I have three pairs of these socks I have knitted. I had never worn them for some daft reason until yesterday.  Maybe because they took a long time to knit on the fine needles and the special sock wool was expensive too, I was keeping them for a special occassion.   Stupid, I know.  

It is winter after all and I think my toes are starting to get the dreaded winter chill blains again.  The socks were soooooooooo warm and comfy  that I will be wearing them daily…yes the same pair every day!   🙂 

Anyway one of our cats, the tortiseshell pretty one has a split personality, one minute she is nice, the next she hisses and takes a swipe at us for no good reason.  Her name is Colina named after my Great Grandma, also because Colin use to hate cats ….so we named her Colin with an ‘a’ on the end after the two of them.  

Now he loves the cats, although won’t admit it.   He especially likes my Sister’s older ‘Plain Jane’ cat called Sasha.  Brenda gave  Sasha to us. He  is plain black, has a lovely nature and grunts when you pick him up.  Yes, Sasha is a boy, Brenda thought he was a girl until she took him to the vet. 

I ended up with pins and needles for sitting so long in one spot while Colina snoozed, she was nice and warm on my legs.

On Sunday I plan on doing the Polar Plunge again to make it the third time.  It is an annual event in Dunedin,if your crazy you jump or swim at St Clair beach in the middle of winter.  The first time I did it I wore a bikini, the second time was a chicken suit as my tummy has too many scars now from my operations 🙂    I think this time will have to be a bit of a cover up too.  I wonder if I can con Colin into doing it with me this time? You give a gold coin donation for a good charity.

I will finish with a special hello to my wee Sister, Brenda living in Brisbane.  ‘Gidday Mate’. I miss you xxx

Colina getting comfy

Colina getting comfy

Hand knitted socks

Hand knitted socks

My Grandma and Grandad with Jean, my Mum with the white dress standing beside Grandad.

My Grandma and Grandad with Jean, my Mum with the white dress standing beside Grandad. Grandma (called Jean as well) is the daughter of Colina.





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