What a shit day at work today, I was abused this morning by a cranky customer from up North, she was very unreasonable.. just as well I have broad shoulders.  Some days though, it gets a bit much, very frustrating when you are trying to help people, they get personal and abusive, then the woman (I won’t call her a lady) hung up on me!  …. Who said the Customer is always right?

At least I was pleasant  🙂   I will finish my busy work day and night with a pleasant and happy blog:

I did it , I was brave,  I dressed up as a Hill Billy chick and jumped in the freezing Dunedin water at noon yesterday for the  Annual Polar Plunge.

I even appeared on  the TV1 news on the way in  to the water(I was one of the last ones running in) and coming out.  Denim Dungarees are very heavy when wet.  I kept my shoes on this time to try and protect my poor wee tender chillblained toes prior to entering the beach.   If you look hard enough you will see me in my green chequered shirt on the link below. You may have to copy and paste it ?


Also a cool look has been added to Youtube by a fellow Dunedinite, you can see his camera moving around in the wind. The music suits it.


On the way down the sand dunes

On the way down the sand dunes

I wasn’t a pussy like some of the others – only entering the water up to their knees, if you are going to be mad enough to dress up and do it, you have to do the right thing.  The Polar Plunge, means PLUNGE UNDER the water!  I did , twice, just about drowning on the 2nd attempt.  I didn’t stay in that long. The waves were rough, it was still raining and very windy. Poor Colin was freezing just taking the photo.


It was very hard removing the permanent marker freckles on my cheeks (like I don’t have enough of my own!) and blackened out tooth.  I was pretty scary looking.  It was a lot of fun, I am glad I did it.  I loved all the young girls in pink and adults, all squealing with cold, shock and delight.

I told you ...I don't make a pretty Hill Billy ha ha

I told you …I don’t make a pretty Hill Billy ha ha

Here I go

Here I go

Speaking of pussy cats, here is another shot of Colina, one of our cats.

Cute Colina scratching her back on the gravel

Cute Colina scratching her back on the gravel

Naughty Tortie

Naughty Tortie

I had a nice time at the Dunedin Art Gallery in the afternoon with friends, it was very interesting, we went on a guided tour, I especially liked the works of Ralph Hotere the best.   A hot coffee afterwards was well deserved at the adjacent cafe – Nova.  I started taking the odd snap of some of my cafe visits and my cuppas after my friend Jen in Auckland taught me the trick, we never stage the cup though 🙂 I wanted a piece of GFree cake but was good for a change.

I had to play ladies with a dainty little cup.

I had to play ladies with a dainty little cup.


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