Because it is such a cold, rainy and dark day, I have decided to do this post in bright orange- I need a bit of brightness today.

We have been waiting on the snow, we had a little bit last night and lots of sleet and hail, but the snow has managed to stay away.  We are told a big snow storm is coming, it is going to be the worst in 20 years 😦  

I know the snow is pretty and fun for the kids, but it is a nusiance, hard to get to work and disruptive, and my animals will be cold lol.

It’s not far away though, it is winter after all so we are prepared.  I am just making some Gluten Free Peanut butter and chocolate cookies at the moment, they smell good.

I just have to show you the lovely present  I received last weekend from my two Polish friends Beata and Jacek, they are living and studying in Denmark.  I am so lucky, and was really surprised.  I also received a handwritten REAL letter. It is a Recycled PVC handmade purse made by Gazpacho in Berlin.  It was purchased from a Denmark Market in a nearby village by my friends :).  Beata knew I would love it as it has the image of a VW Kombi Van on the front, just like our one.  She even added the tinyiest Polish coin inside it (a Polish good luck tradition) and also a Danish coin too. 

In the Gazpacho Berlin Laboratory they recover tarpaulins from Advertising and truck coverings and turn them into unique and eco-friendly fashion accessories.  They are low environmental impact, and look cool.  Check out their online store:

Another one of their products - a man wallet

Another one of their products – a man wallet

I have been my one (below) it all week….not that I ever have much cash…  🙂    Thanks again Beata and Jacek, you are tooo toooo kind. 🙂

I’ll finish off with two photos of my latest vintage bargain from The Hospice Butterflies 2nd hand shop.  It was only $10, I scrubbed the dirty marks off, or most of them.  It is neat and very roomy inside.  Funny thing is I have a blazer I picked up last year  for $30 made by a Wellington Designer – it was at a Vintage Fair and a score at that price.   The fabric is almost identical to the bag.  🙂   The same fair is on again in two weeks time at a local church.  I was invited  to have a stall there by the organizer, but I’m not well enough really.  Also there is not enough time to make some things to sell as I have been working extra hours at work.  I will instead save some pennies in my special coin purse and go along and buy something.  It is always good to buy items from a local artist and support them and NZ Made  🙂

Good Night.  I think we may have snow in the  morning. !!!!!!!!!

Recycled purse

Recycled purse

The back is just as cool

The back is just as cool

Finishing with my latest vintage find at the Hospice Shop - $10

Finishing with my latest vintage find at the Hospice Shop – $10

Up close.

Up close.





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