I have been looking forward to volunteering my help at the Hospice today for a couple of weeks.  I was worried it would snow overnight, then I wouldn’t be able to go.  The snow stayed away, but it was a tad icy and 1 degree leaving home early this morning.   Brrrrrrrrrrr

It was lovely and warm in the Hospice, especially in the kitchen when we were cooking the paitents their lunch.

I was on a high all day, I love it there, it is such a good way to spend a miserable and cold Sunday ….even if I couldn’t get a little bit of a lie in in bed this morning.   

I always take some flowers for the lunch trays for the paitents, we make small posies.  There is not a lot of flowers about in the middle of winter, but I managed to find a few.  Last night I remembered my chocolate moulds from years ago… the older ones are of cameos and also shells.  And because it was for special people I even volunteered to give up some of my own chocolate stash away to a good cause, I melted some white chocolate and the brown sweet stuff too.  They turned out ok even though some of these moulds are cracked with age.   I never normally share chocolate with  anyone 🙂

After spotting a beaut sunrise when I stumbled into the kitchen  half asleep to turn the jug on for a coffee I began to wrap two chocolates each in some cellophane. The paitents loved them, and their roast meal with pork, kumera, yams, and silverbeet.   They finished it off with a chocolate mousee and cream.

I will share the photos with you.

I had to take a photo of cute Deefa, our Border Collie too as he thought he was missing out, he was being all cute …as he does, …..he lifts his bum in the air with his head down looking sad.  He is full of character.  

Time to have a coffee, I have been so busy, I haven’t had time to have one. 

Last night

Last night

Early this morning

Early this morning


Deefa being nosy

Deefa being nosy








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