After a busy day today, I have some good news to tell my family, friends and blog followers.  Finally after alot of perseverance, letter writing, complaints, phone calls, pain, tears and not letting up on getting  my upcoming Bowel Surgery, I finally have got my date.  Eeek, I have been on a waiting list (or so I thought) at Dunedin Hospital for 13 months now without even getting a simple follow up and checkup with my Surgeon.  I have been left to fend for myself. At Christmas time I started asking some questions and was becoming more and more unwell, struggling each day with not being able to eat or get rid of my food properly.  My goal is to keep busy and to ‘keep on keeping on’ bascially.

Apart from coping with the pain I was in with the more food I ate, I was losing my ability to stay strong.  This will be my third operation, and I’m hoping my last!.   I was apologised to by the Surgical Manager at the Hospital for apparently been forgotten to be put on the so called waiting list grrrrrr.

Anyway with my insistence and not letting up, a week ago I have received my date, 4th of July, next Thursday, pre op appointment and meet the Surgeon on the Wed, 3rd.  I haven’t got a lot of time to prepare or organize things, just as well really.

It is a bit of a shame, but I have to get done by a different Surgeon, my one is overseas of Sebatical leave.    I hope he is a ‘goodie’, I have to get done out of town at Kew Hospital in Invercargill – a three hour drive from Dunedin 😦  I don’t want to and would rather have my own Surgeon, he is the best bowel surgeon in NZ, and wish I could stay in Dunedin, but at the end of the day I need to have this surgery done now…

I have no details of how long in hospital or how long I will have to have off work.  Colin has to take time off work and stay  in an Apartment/hotel and myself on Wednesday night.   On Wednesday afternoon I have plans to visit the Op shops in Invercargill 🙂 ha ha. Might as well, it will fill the day in. 🙂

I know you will all have your fingers crossed for me on a good outcome, there is only a 50/50 chance of it being successful with further surgery if it is not.  I will be strong a bit longer and be positive.  I AM going to get the right 50%.

I’m so so soooooooo looking forward to getting my health and life back. 🙂

This morning I visited a Vintage Craft fair inside a quaint church.  I spent a few dollars on some good finds – resin rings and brooches made my local crafts people, I also brought a screen printed patch for $10.  You leave the black safety pins on it and take it on and off your clothing or bags like you would do with a brooch.  I thought it was kinda fun having a hospital 1st aid type cross on it and an injection!!!!    I had to have it.

I also had fun making a print for $5.   It was fun, I had ink everywhere, it was an etching of a horse, yes I am scared of horses, but this one is tamed and on a carousel:) It is so cool.

Afterwards I drove out of Dunedin and entered a cross country walking race with our club members and a few other Dunedin Harriers.  It was 5kms on a Horse Race track going under jumps, over banks and around and through the boggy and slushy track.  I skidded a few times but managed not to fall on my arse.  It seems to be all about horses lately.

I was surprised to be the first girl to finish and 2nd place overall.   I was 3rd place behind my friend Tom, but was changed to 2nd as he was disqualified for lifting ( the marshalls are always watching to make sure you don’t run and not have one foot on the ground).

I didn’t stay for the prizegiving as I have heaps to do before leaving at 630am on Wednesday morning.   Also I wanted to do some of my knitting…another hat.  ;P

I will leave you with a painting I would like to buy, I spotted it in a Dunedin Gallery on Wednesday night on the way out to a meal at ‘Cafe Ru’ with my Coeliac Society Group.   It is such a colourful and detailed painting, by Jasmine Middlebrook.   I really would like it and  wish to hint to Colin for a present, maybe my next birthday next March, not likely though – it is a few thousand dollars. It is huge and beautiful, I couldn’t stop admiring Jasmine’s work and talent through the window. Dreams are free.

Also is a photo of a few of my fair purchases from this morning.

Collage media painting by  Jasmine Middlebrook

Beautiful painting by
Jasmine Middlebrook

I love the girl climbing up the crown

I love the girl climbing up the crown

Always a great thing to buy off local craftspeople & designers.

Always a great thing to buy off local craftspeople & designers.

My etching - up close

My etching – up close





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