I just love knitting at the moment…actually for the last year especially.  My Mum and Grandma talk me to knit many years ago as a young child, just plain and simple items.  I have never been taught the flashest stitches or patterns, but I can manage a few simple things.

 I have surprised myself in the last while by having a go at more difficult items, eg : Socks, unusual hats, hand warmers etc.  The amount of different breeds (:) ) of wool and colours are amazing.   It makes it very difficult for me to pick some wool from the shops for an upcoming project as I find it very hard to pick, often having more than one colour or type of wool that I like.  It often costs me extra dollars as I end up buying both lots of yarn when undecided, keeping one lot for a project down the track.   Wool is often expensive if you don’t buy at sale prices.

I find that knitting is the only thing I can do at the moment to keep my mind off other things…. I will explain later.   Knitting is very relaxing, as you know.  I, unlike some other knitaholics,  I love the finishing of a garment or project, sewing up is the best bit when you finally see your hard work come to life and complete. Then you can wear it or admire it after gifting it to a friend.

Here are a few images I found on the net = nice and colourful.  I find the telephone photo makes me smile the most.

One day I WILL finally learn to spin my own wool from our coloured sheep, I purchased a 2nd hand spining wheel about 10 years ago ready and waiting for a tutor and time  🙂

I am healing nice from my bowel surgery, trying to be mindful of any heavy lifting or overdoing things.  The damn foot (my verooca cut out) is still sore though 😦  I can still hardly put my foot down flat when walking along the street.  I will be getting the stitches out on Wednesday, then afterwards the Dentist!!   Eek I wonder what will hurt the most? – the removal of the stitches, or my wallet after paying the Dentist bill?    Nevermind, more important things to do right now= sit on my bum and finish my knitted bow necktie with a strong cup of coffee 🙂 Ta Ta

Toasty Petrol Pumps

Boy what a colourful buoy

Boy what a colourful buoy




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